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What is TensorFlow?

This TensorFlow tutorial will help you in understanding what exactly is TensorFlow and how it is used in Deep Learning.

1h 15m




1h 17m


Basics of TensorFlow - TF Workshop - Session 1

Basics of TensorFlow that includes TensorFlow API hierarchy, structure of TensorFlow program and its execution, concepts of data flow graphs, sessions and variables in the context of TF.

1h 18m


Lecture 7: Introduction to TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs.

1h 12m


TensorFlow Full Course

It covers in-depth knowledge about Deep Leaning, Tensorflow & Neural Networks

3h 12m


Learning TensorFlow with JavaScript

Learn how you can leverage your JavaScript skills to create a machine learning project.

0h 57m


Accelerating TensorFlow with the Google Machine Learning Engine

Learn how to leverage TensorFlow to build high-performing machine learning applications.

3h 48m


Building and Deploying Deep Learning Applications with TensorFlow

Discover how to install TensorFlow and use it to create, train, and deploy a machine learning model.

1h 47m


Applied Machine Learning: Industry Case Study with TensorFlow

In this course, you'll work on an industry-level machine learning project based on predicting weekly retail sales given different factors.


Project: Basic Image Classification with TensorFlow

Learn Project: Basic Image Classification with TensorFlow from Rhyme.

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