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Python Regular Expressions with Data Scraping Projects

This course should get you going with Python Regex in less than 30mins. This course is a core component of the 'Learn Scientific Programming' project


Python 3: An interactive deep dive

Learn about the new syntax, data types, strings, bytes, iterators and much more with interactive coding samples


Make Your Own Neural Network in Python

This course aims to teach one of the fundamental concepts of machine learning, i.e., Neural Network.


Python 101: Interactively learn how to program with Python 3

Objective is to get you acquainted with the building blocks of Python so that you can write something useful yourself


Full Speed Python

Python is one of the most popular coding languages today; it's categorized as a vital benchmark of computer science knowledge in industry interviews


From Python to Numpy

With NumPy, you can manipulate data involving multi-dimensional arrays and matrices (think linear algebra).


Learn Object-Oriented Programming in Python

Learn to write cleaner, more modular, and more scaleable code in Python by gaining a master of Object Oriented Programming (OOP).


Recursion for Coding Interviews in Python

If you’ve ever struggled with solving coding problems using recursion, or if you need to brush up your recursion skills for an interview


Learn Python from Scratch

Python is the most popular programming language today, and its developers are constantly in high demand. As it continues to increase in popularity, it's become the closest thing to a must-know language for every programmer.The good news is that this course is the perfect place to start. Join us on an interactive journey through the syntax and functionality of Python. The course begins by exploring the basic building blocks before moving on to higher-level concepts such as functions and loops. Fun quizzes and coding challenges will accompany you along the way to help enforce all the concepts covered in the course.

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