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NoSQL systems

Offered by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Welcome to the specialization course of NoSQL Systems. This course will be completed on six weeks, it will be supported with videos and exercises that will allow you to identify the differences between the relational and NoSQL databases. As part of these alternative technologies the student will learn the main characteristics and how to implement the typical NoSQL databases, such as Key-value, columnar, document and graph. Let's start! After completing this course, a learner will be able to ● Identify what type of NoSQL database to implement based on business requirements (key-value, document, full text, graph, etc.) ● Apply NoSQL data modeling from application specific queries ● Use Atomic Aggregates and denormalization as data modelling techniques to optimize query processing Software to download: MongoDB Neo4j SAPIQ Cassandra In case you have a Mac / IOS operating system you will need to use a virtual Machine (VirtualBox, Vmware).

7 Reviews

9 h


Learn NoSQL Database Design From Scratch

Learn nosql database design from scratch with our noSQL online course. This noSQL tutorial will be your gateway to the whole new world of big data system


4 h 5 m


NoSQL Data Modeling Essential Training

NoSQL technologies have left even experienced data modelers scratching their heads, wondering how their valuable skills can transfer to future development activities

1 h 33 m


Building XQuery Apps with the MarkLogic NoSQL Database

A hands-on guide to building apps using the XQuery programming language and the MarkLogic NoSQL database. - Free Course

193 Reviews

8 h 23 m


Semantics and the MarkLogic NoSQL Database

A hands-on guide to begin using semantics in MarkLogic - Free Course

(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4
112 Reviews

7 h 57 m


Data Integration with the MarkLogic NoSQL Database

A hands-on guide to integrating data silos and building an operational data hub using MarkLogic - Free Course

59 Reviews

9 h 15 m


Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence

Learn MongoDB - Updated Every Week 100+interview Questions 100+Quizzes 60+Assignments mongobooster java C# nodejs php - Free Course

846 Reviews

11 h 44 m


MarkLogic NoSQL for Business

An introduction for the non-technical business user. - Free Course

57 Reviews

48 m


Fundamentals of the MarkLogic NoSQL Database

A hands-on guide to begin building and running applications using MarkLogic - Free Course

566 Reviews

6 h 22 m


Developing NoSQL Applications in SQL Server

Go beyond integers and strings, and build modern NoSQL apps in SQL Server using non-relational data.

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