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Data Processing Using Python

Data Processing Using Python from Nanjing University. This course (The English copy of ""用Python玩转数据"" <https://www.coursera.org/learn/hipython/home/welcome>) is mainly for non-computer majors. It starts with the basic syntax of Python, to how to ...

122 reviews

28 h


Chinese Culture and Contemporary China

Learn Chinese Culture and Contemporary China from Nanjing University.

82 reviews

4 h


Translation in Practice

Learn Translation in Practice from Nanjing University.

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5 reviews

23 h


Jewish Diaspora in Modern China

Learn Jewish Diaspora in Modern China from Nanjing University.

3 reviews

14 h


用Python玩转数据 Data Processing Using Python

用Python玩转数据 Data Processing Using Python from Nanjing University. 本课程 (Please click https://www.coursera.org/learn/python-data-processing for English version) ...

1.4K reviews

27 h



Learn 心理学与生活 from Nanjing University.

14 reviews

20 h



计算机操作系统 from Nanjing University. 1946年第一台计算机面世之后,科学家与工程师们一直致力于让计算机更好地为人类工作,一代又一代操作系统因此应运而生常重要。

130 reviews

14 h


计算机系统基础(一) :程序的表示、转换与链接

Learn 计算机系统基础(一) :程序的表示、转换与链接 from Nanjing University. ...

9 reviews

56 h


结构生物化学(Structural Biochemistry)

Learn 结构生物化学(Structural Biochemistry) from Nanjing University.

2 reviews

47 h



Learn 理解马克思 from Nanjing University.

6 reviews

14 h

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