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List of free udemy courses and certificaions to take online in 2022.


Data Builder: Get Any Financial Data Using Crypto Wizards

Without writing any code, instantly extract cryptocurrency, stocks, forex, ETFs, commodities, and other data to gain an advantage.

19 Reviews

45 m

222 Reviews

9 h 55 m


Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing

Everything you need to know about additive manufacturing, 3D printing, processes, slicers, filaments, and much more.

9 Reviews

33 m


Instagram Chatbots 2022. Complete guide on creating chatbot

Instagram Chatbots can help you improve your marketing strategy. The simplest way to create a no-code chatbot with SendPulse.

10 Reviews

45 m


Save time learn How to Setup a localhost machine in minutes

Quick guide to configuring a localhost machine to run PHP and Wordpress on your computer without the need for a server.

155 Reviews

1 h 3 m

5 Reviews

47 m


Basics Of Trendline & Breakout Strategies

Discover the top 5 trendline breakout strategies in the stock market using price action.

63 Reviews

1 h 48 m

564 Reviews

1 h 15 m


Beyond Jupyter Notebooks

Create your own data science platform using Docker and Python.

114 Reviews

1 h 26 m


Probability in R. Discrete Random Variables

Infermath integrates mathematical theory and programming applications to provide a high-level understanding of quantitative fields.

249 Reviews

1 h 54 m

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