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List of free udemy courses and certificaions to take online in 2023.


What is ChatGPT? Will it replace Salesforce Developers?

Understand the meaning, implications, and limitations of ChatGPT/OpenAI

37 reviews

33 m


ChatGPT Bootcamp: From Beginner to Pro

Become a ChatGPT Pro with This Comprehensive Course for Beginners

46 reviews

43 m


FREE Spanish Class For Beginners

100% FREE! This is the quickest and most efficient way to begin speaking Spanish.

155 reviews

1 h 26 m


Product Management

Excel in each phase of Product Management lifecycle

152 reviews

1 h 31 m


Make Teaching Easier with Artificial Intelligence (Chat GPT)

The personal teaching assistant you've always desired has arrived. Discover how to use Chat GPT to improve student outcomes.

112 reviews

1 h 8 m


ChatGPT for Beginners: The Ultimate Use Cases for Everyone

Start using ChatGPT today to take your business to the next level and simplify your life.

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156 reviews

47 m


Introduction To Data Science

Your First Step Into The Data Science Journey

90 reviews

55 m


ASP.NET Core MVC, Quick and Practical

This is a hands-on course for learning ASP.NET Core MVC quickly and thoroughly.

935 reviews

2 h 16 m


Effective Presentations

Making a real impact with your presentations

7 reviews

35 m


Fundamental Math:How to Find Factors of Numbers

Be skilful in case of finding factors of numbers.

(*)(*)(*)(*)( )3.5
1 reviews

1 h 58 m

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