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Free Try Hack Me Courses online

List of free Try Hack Me courses and certificaions to take online in 2024.


What is Networking?

This bite-sized and interactive module will teach you the foundations of computer networking.


Advent of Cyber 3 (2021)

Get started with Cyber Security in 25 Days - Learn the basics by doing a new, beginner friendly security challenge every day leading up to Christmas.


Pentesting Fundamentals

Learn the important ethics and methodologies behind every pentest.


Introductory Researching

A brief introduction to research skills for pentesting.


Advent of Cyber 2022

Get started with Cyber Security in 24 Days - master the fundamentals by completing a new, beginner-friendly security challenge every day until Christmas.

24 h


Linux Fundamentals Part 1

Begin the journey of learning the essentials of Linux. Learn how to execute some of the first fundamental commands on an interactive terminal.


Learning Cyber Security

Get a quick overview of some of the security themes you'll be studying about.


Introductory Networking

An introduction to networking theory and basic networking tools



A detailed look at scanning with Nmap, a sophisticated network scanning tool.


Intro to Offensive Security

Hack your first website lawfully (in a safe environment) and gain expertise as an ethical hacker.

15 m