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Introduction to Thermodynamics: Transferring Energy from Here to There

Offered by University of Michigan. This course provides an introduction to the most powerful engineering principles you will ever learn

1.7K reviews

15 h


Statistical Molecular Thermodynamics

This introductory physical chemistry course examines the connections between molecular properties and the behavior of macroscopic chemical systems.

227 reviews

21 h


Statistical Thermodynamics: Molecules to Machines

Modern engineering research focuses on designing new materials and processes at the molecular level.

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9 reviews

10 h


Thermodynamique : fondements

Offered by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Ce cours vous apportera une compréhension des concepts fondamentaux de la thermodynamique du point de vue de la physique, de la chimie et de l’ingénierie.

37 reviews

14 h


Fundamentals of Macroscopic and Microscopic Thermodynamics

Learn Fundamentals of Macroscopic and Microscopic Thermodynamics from University of Colorado Boulder.

8 reviews

9 h


Non-Equilibrium Applications of Statistical Thermodynamics

Learn Non-Equilibrium Applications of Statistical Thermodynamics from University of Colorado Boulder.

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4 reviews

7 h


Introduzione alla fisica sperimentale: meccanica, termodinamica

Il corso affronta le tematiche della meccanica e della termodinamica, fornendo le nozioni che risultano utili per affrontare insegnamenti di fisica di base.

5 reviews

20 h

15 reviews

1 h 58 m


Understanding Thermodynamics for Science and Engineering

Learn about the laws of physics, the relationship between pressure, volume and temperature and how it applies to science.


3 h 8 m

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