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Redis and PHP

Working with Redis in PHP using PRedis




Responsive PHP Registration Form: From Scratch

With this online tutorial, you will learn to create a responsive Registration form using PHP, Bootstrap, HTML and MySQL. Enroll now to get started from scratch!




Become PHP Facebook Developer: Password-Less Authentication

Learn PHP Programming to create a Passwordless Authentication web page using a Facebook account kit. Get registered with this online tutorial today!




PHP Interview Questions with Solutions Part 1 (Core PHP)

Crack your PHP Interview in minutes! Check this core PHP Interview questions and answers tutorial with tricky questions that you face during interview.


3h 30m


PHP for Beginners - Become a PHP Master - CMS Project

PHP for Beginners: learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects.

17512 Reviews



Using Cookies and JWTs for Secure Authentication Course

Refactor an existing authentication project by using cookies and JSON Web Token to increase security. Cookies are a way for a browser to store information while tokens are a stand-in or representation for something else.

1h 11m


Getting Started with PHP Unit Testing Course

Learn to find and fix bugs faster, while at the same time, preventing those bugs from ever coming back. Many of these tools revolve around testing.

1h 32m


Introduction to User Authentication in PHP Course

In this course we'll lay the foundation for keep your data safe and secure while building a platform for active participation.

1h 38m


Build a REST API with PHP Course

Build a REST API using the Slim Microframework.

1h 44m


Templating with Twig Course

Templating languages and tools are used with frameworks like Slim and Laravel to incorporate PHP and logic into static HTML web pages. In this course we will see how to apply Object-Oriented methodology to views (web pages with HTML).

1h 12m

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