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Financial Analysis


The Language and Tools of Financial Analysis

In this course, participants will learn the foundations of accounting principles and financial analysis, develop an understanding of the links between these, and the measurement of value creation at the firm level.

88 reviews

12 h


Corporate Financial Decision-Making for Value Creation

In this course, participants will learn about the key financial decisions modern corporations face, as well as the alternative methods that can be employed to optimize the value of the firm’s assets.

34 reviews

11 h


Master Multiple timeframe theory in trading within 1 hour

Supporting my premium course: Key-Level, Smart Money Concepts, and Effective Price Action in Technical Analysis

385 reviews

1 h 46 m


Accounting Analysis : The Role of Accounting as an Information System

This course is the first course in a five-course Financial Reporting Specialization that covers the collection, processing, and communication of accounting information

31 reviews

25 h


Free Financial Analysis Tutorial - Practical Oriented Analysis of Financial Statements

A beginners course for practical oriented reading of financial statements. - Free Course

458 reviews

48 m


Analysing Complexity

The first course of the specialization Analysing Complexity will teach you what unifying patterns lie at the core of all complex problems.

1 reviews

13 h


Financial Analysis for Startups

Offered by Yonsei University. In the previous two courses, you have learned how to value startups using the discounted cash flow method and multiple methods.

5 reviews

10 h


Accounting Analysis I: Measurement and Disclosure of Assets

This course is the second course in a five-course Financial Reporting Specialization that covers the collection, processing, and communication of accounting information (via financial reports) about economic entities to interested parties (i.e., managers and external stakeholders such as stockholders and creditors).

6 reviews

24 h


Accounting Analysis II: Accounting for Liabilities and Equity

This course focuses on the recognition, measurement and subsequent accounting for equity, pensions, share-based compensation and cash flows utilizing the FASB Accounting Standards Codification and other resources.

7 reviews

31 h


Applying Data Analytics in Finance

Learn Applying Data Analytics in Finance from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This course introduces an overview of financial analytics. You will learn why, when, and how to apply financial analytics in real-world situations.

27 reviews

26 h

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