9 Best Xamarin Courses & Tutorials - Learn Xamarin Online

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9 Best Xamarin Courses & Tutorials - Learn Xamarin Online

Xamarin is a Microsoft owned platform, that allows developers, using a C#-shared codebase, to write native Android, iOS (and even Windows and MacOS) apps with native user interfaces and share code. This means you can create an application once, and deploy it to both Android and iOS, both which run natively on the platform.  One codebase, two platforms.

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List of Top Xamarin Courses & Tutorials

  1. Xamarin Forms: Build Native Cross-platform Apps with C#
  2. The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS And Android!
  3. The Advanced Xamarin Developer Masterclass
  4. Build Real World App In Xamarin Forms
  5. Learn MVVM in Xamarin Forms and C#
  6. Build Cross Platform Apps with Xamarin Forms and Azure
  7. Xamarin Essential Training: Create Your First App Online Class
  8. Xamarin forms XAML - Novice to Expert
  9. Testing in Xamarin (Forms/Native)

1.Xamarin Forms: Build Native Cross-platform Apps with C#

Learn to build native mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows using your existing C# skills

With this course, you will:

  • Build native mobile apps for android, iOS and windows using C#
  • Understand the fundamentals of Xamarin Forms and its architecture
  • Build user-interfaces with XAML and code
  • Work with images
  • Present data in beautiful, interactive lists
  • Implement multi-page apps with navigation, tabs, master/detail pages
  • Build forms and setting pages
  • Store and retrieve data from a variety of sources (file system, SQLite database and RESTful services)
  • Implement Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architectural pattern

This course is packed with real-world examples, exercises and best practices. Not only will you learn how to use Xamarin Forms, you’ll also learn first-class tips to make your code cleaner and more maintainable. Lectures also have downloadable source code so you can code-along while watching the videos.

2. The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS And Android!

Build Cross Platform Android and iOS apps with Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Classic, Azure Mobile App Services, Rest and more

Some of the key Xamarin things you will learn and be able to put to use in your own apps after going through this course include:

  • Xamarin Forms
  • Xamarin Classic
  • Using Azure mobile app services
  • Consuming REST services
  • Implementing SQLite databases
  • Using the MVVM pattern

With this course, you will be able to create native Android and iOS apps that share up to 100% code, apply for junior mobile development positions (Android and iOS), increased career options as a Multiplatform developer, and build windows desktop, windows store, Mac, and even smart watch apps that share the logic of your iOS and android app.

3. The Advanced Xamarin Developer Masterclass

Includes Xamarin University Quality content - This Advanced Xamarin Tutorial Course Focuses on Cross Platform Concepts

The key skills you will learn and master in this course include:

  • Dependency services
  • Custom renderers
  • Using java libraries
  • Using objective-C libraries
  • App center
  • Azure bot service for chatbot
  • Behaviours and effects
  • Azure functions
  • Push notifications
  • CSS styling for xamarin

Along the way, you will learn how to leverage native functionality and even native Java and Objective-C code in your Xamarin forms apps. You'll find out how to continuously deploy new versions of your app to your users and learn how to use version control for better deployment to other developers, testers, and the App Stores.

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4. Build Real World App In Xamarin Forms

Learn How to build real world app with xamarin forms

With this course, you will:

  • Create app icons
  • Create splash screens
  • Apply splash screens
  • Learn about app prototype  
  • Learn about restful web api's
  • Integrate web api's in xamarin forms
  • Create real world application in xamarin forms
  • Access the application backend
  • Learn serialization and deserialization  
  • Embed videos in xamarin forms and your application.
  • Go through challenging exercise

The main focus of this course is only on the Xamarin Forms with some real world application. In this course you will learn the how to create the the complex kinda application with real time implementation in Xamarin Forms . You will learn the Xamarin Forms with the challenging exercises.

You'll also learn the the integration with restful web services. Also one interesting thing for the Xamarin forms developer is included in this course, that is embedded videos. So you can also embed the videos of your choice in xamarin forms.

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5. Learn MVVM in Xamarin Forms and C#

Build Xamarin Forms Application using Traditional MVVM & MVVM PRISM

In this course, you will learn:

  • The complete fundamentals of MVVM like data binding , commanding etc.
  • Creating quotes application without MVVM.
  • Creating quotes application with MVVM.
  • Implementing dependency injection inside xamarin forms application via unity IOC container.
  • Creating quotes application with MVVM prism.
  • Implementing MVVM prism inside xamarin forms applications.
  • Implementing dependency injection and IOC principle along with MVVM prism.
  • Implementing prism delegate command, prism navigation and listview selection.
  • Creating a complete quotes application in xamarin forms from scratch to end

With this course you will able to build xamarin forms apps with MVVM, learn the complete fundamentals of MVVM and MVVM Prism, create quotes application with MVVM prism, and resolve dependencies via unity IOC container

6. Build Cross Platform Apps with Xamarin Forms and Azure

Learn Azure Mobile App and Implement Offline Synchronization in Xamarin Forms Application

With this course, you will learn how to:

  • Build an azure mobile app inside the visual studio.
  • Implement GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE in Azure Mobile App.
  • Deploy the azure mobile app to the Microsoft Azure portal.
  • Integrate Azure SDK in xamarin forms.
  • Create a complete cross-platform application in xamarin forms
  • Make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data from the cloud, and use the JSON format for server communication.
  • Implement online-offline synchronization in a xamarin forms application

This course teaches you how to code using xamarin forms and build beautiful Android and iOS apps by using xamarin forms and azure mobile app service.

7. Xamarin Essential Training: Create Your First App Online Class

Learn how to use Xamarin to develop your first cross-platform application, for mobile devices running Android or iOS.

The course includes:

  • Welcome to Xamarin
  • Xamarin on Mac
  • Xamarin on Windows
  • Building a Shared Library
  • Building an Android Application
  • Building an iOS Application
  • Building a UWP Application

This Xamarin tutorial starts the course by walking through the setup process. Then, it demonstrates how to develop remotely and leverage libraries. Next, it goes through how to provision devices and test applications on real and simulated hardware.

This Xamarin tutorial also covers how to apply layouts, create views, and more.

8. Xamarin forms XAML - Novice to Expert

Best way to learn Xamarin Forms is by starting with XAML

With this course, you will have:

  • Better understanding of XAML
  • Better understanding of laying out UI
  • Better knowledge of binding controls

This course is about getting clear understanding of XAML used in xamarin forms, gaining good knowledge of XAML and design UI for Page First Development approach is really important. Although this course do not focus on page first development but give best possible start to understand how important it is to understand XAML to create best xamarin forms apps.

9. Testing in Xamarin (Forms/Native)

Create useful unit tests and integration tests for your Xamarin backend code (UI independent).

With this course, you will be able to:

  • Write tests for the backend code in Xamarin
  • test all components in the backend code like the database
  • Set up a test environment for easily adding new tests

This course contains automated tests. With automated tests you can test functionalities after every bigger code change or before a release. You can run these tests automatically in the background so you don’t waste so much time on manual testing.

In this course you will get to write tests for your shared code. At first you will create unit tests where you will test single functionalities of an example app. In the integration test section you will involve other components in your tests like the database.

Thank you for reading this. We hope our course curation would help you to pick the right course to learn Xamarin. In case you want to explore more, you can take the free Xamarin courses.

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