11 Best NextJS Boilerplates For 2024

11 Best NextJS Boilerplates For 2024

In the fast-paced world of web development, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. When it comes to building robust and scalable web applications with Next.js, having a substantial boilerplate simplifies your workflow and boosts your productivity. This article talks about the top 11 Next.js boilerplates, which we'll be discussing exhaustively and thoughtfully put together to deliver you an experience that is the best of its kind.

Also, there's a question that many people have in their mind, Should I learn React before Next JS?

Next.js framework is established on the base of React and this library is used as an underlying tool for building interfaces destined for users. Hence, it is essential to have a good knowledge of React’s basic terminologies like components, the states, the props, and the syntax of JSX, which will help to better understand and use Next.js in the process.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Next.js Boilerplates
  3. Importance Of Next.js Boilerplates
  4. How to Choose the Best Next.js Boilerplates
  5. Examples Of Useful Next.js


Next.js is one of the most well-known React frameworks that has gained popularity really fast due to its capability of customization, performance, and developer-friendly nature. However, creating a Next.js project from scratch could be very time-consuming without a doubt, and seems mind-boggling for beginners. That's where boilerplates come in.

What are Next.js Boilerplates?

Next.js boilerplates are pre-configured project templates that include essential tools, libraries, and configurations to jumpstart your Next.js development process. Provide a solid foundation for building Next.js applications, these boilerplates allow you to focus on writing code rather than setting up project infrastructure.

Importance Of Next.js Boilerplates

Next.js boilerplates are not to be underestimated as they lay the foundations for fast, search-engine-optimized websites. Boilerplates empower developers to cut down the time needed for projects, eliminate configuration misses, and offer project consistency across teams when every member uses a uniform code. Besides, boilerplates are normally made using accepted and standard practices within an industry, providing developers with the necessary tools to produce high-quality code conforming to the set coding conventions.

By opting for a well-structured Next.js boilerplate, you can save an average of 30 hours on project setup. This significant time saving allows you to allocate resources more efficiently, focusing on refining features and enhancing user experience rather than laying the groundwork

How to Choose the Best Next.js Boilerplates?

When selecting a Next.js boilerplate, there are several factors to consider:

  • Features: Seek boilerplates that provide the finished structure by accommodating all the features and functionalities you need for your project, like authentication, routing, state management, and styling options.
  • Community Support: Pick boilerplates sustainably with an involved community and a trending maintenance scheme to guarantee durability and utilization.
  • Performance: Choose your boilerplate development that puts performance optimization in the lead first and benefits from the recommendations of best web development practices.
  • Customization: Choose text templates that are developed to be quick to change or extend as dictated by your particular project needs.
  • Documentation: Ensure highly detailed documentation and practical tutorials to support ease of installation and troubleshooting.

Here are the 11 Best Next.js Boilerplates, we will be talking about today:

Best Next.js Boilerplates For Developers

  1. ShipFast
  2. supastarter
  3. Shipixen
  4. Supaboost
  5. Shipped
  6. Boilerbay
  7. E-commerce Boilerplate
  8. Codepilot
  9. FastPocket
  10. Next.js Starter Boilerplate
  11. Next.js PWA Firebase Boilerplate
  12. Rapidlaunch

Best Next.js Boilerplates List

1. ShipFast


ShipFast Tech Stack:

DatabaseMongoDB, Supabase
Payment GatewayStripe
Email IntegrationSendGrid, Mailgun
User AuthenticationNextAuth, Supabase
Programming LanguageNext.js

ShipFast is a comprehensive Next.js starter kit designed to kickstart your online business. It provides all the necessary boilerplate code and tools to run an online business efficiently, including payment systems, database integration, user authentication, a blog, and UI components.

Key Features:

  • Full Next.js starter kit for running an online business.
  • Available in both JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Offers flexibility with both /app router and /pages router options.
  • Comprehensive documentation for easy setup and customization.
  • Access to Discord community for support and accountability.
  • Magic links setup for streamlined user authentication
  • Login with Google walkthrough, offering an alternative and widely-used sign-in option

-— In-built SEO support, which includes:

  • Entire blog structure (example)
  • All meta tags to rank on Google
  • OpenGraph tags to share on social media
  • Automated sitemap generation to fasten Google indexing
  • Structured data markup for Rich Snippets
  • SEO-optimized UI components

Time saved: 8 Hours

2. Supastarter

Supastarter Tech Stack:

FrameworkNext.js for the Next.js version, Nuxt 3 for the Nuxt version
AuthenticationLucia-auth for secure user sign-in processes
Database ManagementPrisma for sophisticated database interactions
API HandlingTrpc for effective API communication
InternationalizationNext-intl or Nuxt/i18n for global app reach
Payment IntegrationIntegrations with various gateways such as Lemonsqueezy or Stripe

Supastarter is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the process of building SaaS applications for indie hackers and developers. Its primary goal is to save valuable time by providing all the essential functionality and tools needed to launch a SaaS project quickly, allowing users to focus on their core business objectives.

Key Features:

  • Authentication: Full authentication flow including email/password, magic link, and social login, with customizable components.
  • Payments: Seamless billing with subscription support, integrating Lemonsqueezy and Stripe for payment processing.
  • Multi-tenancy: Built-in support for multi-tenancy with ready-to-use team and user management features.
  • Super Admin: An admin panel for efficient management of users and teams.
  • User Impersonation: Ability to impersonate users to assist with troubleshooting.
  • AI Integration: Ready-to-use AI integration based on Vercel's AI SDK.
  • Internationalization: Built-in support for internationalization to make apps accessible globally.
  • SaaS Landing Page: Includes a visually appealing landing page with features, pricing, and newsletter signup.
  • SaaS Blog: MDX-based blog for keeping customers informed about the latest news.
  • Analytics: Analytics integration to track user behavior and engagement.
  • Newsletter Signup: Component for collecting emails from potential customers.
  • Customizable UI: Fully customizable UI to match brand identity.
  • Dark Mode: Built-in dark mode support for enhanced user experience.
  • shadcn/ui Compatibility: Compatible with shadcn/ui for rapid UI development.
  • Storage Providers: Integrations for Supabase storage and S3-compatible services for file uploads.
  • Mobile-friendly: Fully responsive UI optimized for mobile devices.
  • Fully Type-safe: Type-safe API and frontend for improved developer experience.
  • Custom Emails: Integration with react-email for building and customizing email templates.
  • API Layer: Flexible and scalable API layer powered by trpc.
  • Serverless Stack: Built with serverless functions for easy scalability and management.
  • Choose Your DB: Support for multiple databases including Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, and more.
  • CLI: Command-line interface for quick project setup.
  • Extensive Documentation: Comprehensive documentation to guide users through the development process.
  • Discord Community: Access to an exclusive Discord community for support and feedback.

3. Shipixen


Shipixen Tech Stack:

DatabaseChoose between MongoDB or Supabase for flexible data storage solutions.
Payment GatewayStripe to handle all payment transactions securely and efficiently.
Email IntegrationSendGrid or Mailgun for reliable email delivery and management.
CSSTailwind for modern and responsive styling out-of-the-box.
User AuthenticationNextAuth and Supabase offer robust options for user sign-in processes.
Programming LanguageNext.js ensures a cutting-edge development framework.

Shipixen provides a streamlined development process with its feature-rich boilerplate, tailored specifically for web applications that require robust back-end support, a range of payment options, and integrated SEO capabilities.

Key Features:

User Authentication: Shipixen includes a setup for magic links, streamlining the login process without compromising security.

Google Integration: Users can quickly implement a Login with Google feature, offering convenience and broad accessibility.

SEO Support: Shipixen has in-built SEO tools that save significant development time, including:

  • Pre-structured blog setup for immediate content development.
  • Ready-to-use meta tags optimized for Google ranking.
  • OpenGraph tags for enhanced social media sharing.
  • Automated sitemap generation for improved Google indexing speed.
  • Structured data markup designed for rich snippets, enhancing visibility in search results.
  • SEO-optimized UI components, reducing the need for additional SEO-focused development.

4. Supaboost


Supaboost Tech Stack:

FrontendNext.js 14
UI FrameworkShadcn UI
FormsTanstack Forms
Payment ProviderLemon Squeezy
API Layertrpc
Serverless FunctionsVercel
DatabasePostgres, MySQL, MongoDB (via Prisma)

Supaboost is a comprehensive SaaS starter kit designed to help indie hackers and developers quickly build their SaaS applications. It aims to save valuable time by providing all the common functionality and tools needed to kickstart a SaaS project, allowing developers to focus on their core business. With Supaboost, users can create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in as little as 30 days, leveraging the power of Next.js 14, Supabase, and Lemon Squeezy.

Key Features:

  • Next.js 14: Built on the top React framework, Next.js, SupaBoost ensures SSR, incredible load times, and constant updates for future-proof SaaS applications.
  • Supabase Integration: Utilizes Supabase for database management, offering out-of-the-box Authentication, Edge Functions, instant APIs, real-time, and more.
  • Lemon Squeezy Payment Provider: Enables easy billing management with features like subscription creation, updates, cancellation, and the Merchant of Record for global tax handling.
  • Clear and Understandable Codebase: Provides a codebase that is easy to interpret and build upon, with frequent updates and comments for clarity. Includes useHook functionality for data retrieval throughout the application.
  • TypeScript: Ensures type safety using TypeScript, preventing incorrect data population and allowing for automatic generation of types based on the Supabase backend.
  • Beautiful and Intuitive UI: Leverages Shadcn UI framework for modern and versatile UI components, offering a sleek and consistent design language for engaging user experiences.
  • Form State and Validation: Simplifies form creation and management with Tanstack Forms, a web development framework for dynamic and interactive forms in JavaScript.
  • Graphs and Reports: Utilizes Recharts for powerful and user-friendly data visualization, making it easy to display data in a visually compelling and informative way.
  • User Management: Includes a fully-fledged user management module with features like registration, organization creation, user addition, and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • Authentication and Role-Based Access Control: Enables secure user authentication and role-based access control, ensuring controlled access to application pages and functionalities.
  • Organization Management: Allows users to set up and update their own organizations, manage user access, and define roles within the organization.
  • Admin Panel: Provides an admin panel for managing users, and active subscriptions, filtering users and organizations based on activity, and generating dashboard reports.

5. Shipped


Shipped Tech Stack:

FrontendNext.js, ChakraUI, TailwindCSS
BackendPrisma, NextAuth, Supabase
PaymentStripe, Lemon Squeezy
EmailSendGrid, Mailgun
UI Designshadcn/ui

Shipped is a robust Next.js boilerplate that combines Next.js with Redux Saga for state management and MongoDB for data storage. It provides built-in support for server-side rendering, authentication, and RESTful API integration, making it suitable for building dynamic and interactive web applications.

The Shipped Next.js Startup Boilerplate is designed for busy founders who want to build and launch their startups quickly. With all the essential features included, you can save valuable time and focus on growing your business.

Key Features:

  • Landing Pages: Showcase and sell your product with customizable landing pages, including Waitlist, Pre-sale, and Affiliate Program pages. Save up to 20 hours of development time.
  • Collect Payments: Easily collect payments for subscriptions and one-time purchases using Lemon Squeezy, with features like checkout sessions, webhooks, and a modern checkout UI. Save up to 4 hours of development time.
  • Sign-up & Login: Simplify user authentication with Sign-up and Login pages, Magic link authentication, social login options (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.), and private API calls. Save up to 10 hours of development time.
  • Email: Create product newsletters and send transactional emails seamlessly with integrations like MailChimp and Loops. Save up to 6 hours of development time.
  • Database ORM: Choose your favorite database (MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, etc.) and simplify data transactions with Prisma. Save up to 10 hours of development time.
  • Design: Utilize elegant and modern UI Kit components, including Product React Components, ChakraUI, TailwindCSS support, and customizable themes. Save up to 18 hours of development time.
  • Blog: Improve SEO and engage users with a Markdown-based blog, social preview cards, easy pages meta tags, and media embeds. Save up to 6 hours of development time.

6. Boilerbay


Boilerbay Tech Stack:

FrontendNext.js, React
BackendNode.js, Express
CSSTailwind CSS
DatabaseMongoDB, MySQL

Boilerbay offers a Next.js SaaS Bundle designed to help you launch your SaaS application swiftly. It includes landing and waitlist pages, along with a pre-configured SaaS boilerplate featuring all the essential features you need to get started.

Key Features:

  • Landing Pages: Two ready-to-use landing pages available in light and dark themes to captivate your audience.
  • Waitlist Pages: Engaging waitlist pages with animations and a sleek dark theme to encourage user sign-ups.
  • SaaS Kit: Comprehensive solution including authentication, payments, AI integration, email management, database setup, SEO optimization, and customizable styling.
  • Extra Features: Magic link setup, social login, email verification, user data storage, and protected routes ensure a secure and seamless user experience.

7. E-commerce Boilerplate (NextJS + NodeJS)

E-commerce Boilerplate

E-commerce Boilerplate Tech Stack:

BackendNode.js, MongoDB
Admin PanelReact Admin
PaymentStripe, PayPal

The E-commerce Boilerplate powered by Next.js and Node.js offers a comprehensive solution for swiftly launching an online store. It streamlines the development process, enabling users to set up their e-commerce platform in just a few days.

Key Features:

  • Next.js website for launching an e-commerce store quickly.
  • Node.js and MongoDB backend for efficient data management and faster queries.
  • React Admin Panel for easy management of orders and analytics.
  • Integration with Strapi CMS for managing blog content and static pages.
  • Features like categorized product display, faster search, SEO-friendly pages, wishlist functionality, cart and checkout with coupon code support.
  • Authentication options include Google and manual sign-up/sign-in.
  • Integration with Delhivery / DTDC for pin code availability check (for India), customizable for other vendors.
  • Search page with filters and pagination for improved user experience.
  • Integration with Razorpay / PayTM for payment processing.

8. Codepilot


Codepilot Tech Stack:

FrontendNext.js, React
BackendSupabase, Prisma
AI IntegrationOpenAI SDK

Codepilot is your ultimate companion for unleashing your coding maverick! Designed to streamline your development process, this boilerplate allows you to focus on innovation while handling mundane tasks effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Delivery: From ideation to deployment, experience rapid delivery with our boilerplate.
  • Lightning Fast: Built on top of the NextJS framework, your app experience is guaranteed to be smooth.
  • Boosted Productivity: Carefully architected components, develop and iterate faster.
  • Eloquent Design: Crafted React components with Tailwind CSS for a seamless experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate seamlessly with third-party tools to boost efficiency and productivity.
  • All common features required for modern SaaS apps, including payments, authentication, emails, databases, and more.
  • Admin and User Dashboards: Easily manage user roles, permissions, and access controls, and personalize user settings.
  • Blogging: Generate blog posts with images, metadata, and categories. Optionally use Strapi Headless CMS.
  • Multilanguage Support: Easily switch the language of your app with translation support.
  • AI Integration: Integrated with OpenAI ChatGPT for AI capabilities.
  • SEO Optimized: Ready-to-use SEO setup for optimized site assets and fast loading.
  • Style: Functional components, Storybook component library, Landing pages, animations.
  • Speed & Efficiency: Dramatically reduce development time, and speed up product launch with an efficient boilerplate.

9. FastPocket


FastPocket Tech Stack:

State ManagementRedux
CSSTailwindCSS, DaisyUI

FastPocket is a scalable Next.js boilerplate that integrates Redux for state management and PostgreSQL for data storage. It offers built-in support for server-side rendering, user authentication, and RESTful API integration, making it suitable for building robust web applications with complex data requirements.

Key Features:

  • Simple Setup: FastPocket streamlines app development by providing essential integrations out of the box and detailed documentation.
  • Copy-Paste Components: Easily deploy SaaS applications with ready-to-use components that can be customized to fit your brand.
  • Simple Bring Your Own Backend: Choose your preferred backend hosting solution, whether it's Digital Ocean, Fly.io, or Pockethost, for seamless deployment.
  • Payments: Integrated with Stripe for effortless payment processing, automatically synchronizing products with Pocketbase for efficient management.
  • Style: Utilizes TailwindCSS, DaisyUI, and Modified Preline components for rapid styling and brand alignment.
  • Email: Offers pre-built email templates and frameworks for easy setup of signup verifications and other transactional emails.
  • Backend: Provides Pocketbase + Stripe build templates for hassle-free product shipping, including login and payment for recurring and one-time transactions.

10. Next.js Starter Boilerplate:

Next.js Starter Boilerplate

Next.js Starter Boilerplate Tech Stack:

FrontendNext.js, React
State ManagementRedux, Context API
StylingCSS Modules, Styled Components
LintingESLint, Prettier

The Next.js Starter Boilerplate is a comprehensive starting point for Next.js projects, available on GitHub. It's designed to accelerate development by providing a solid foundation with essential features and configurations already in place. With this boilerplate, developers can quickly set up a Next.js project and focus on building their application logic without worrying about repetitive setup tasks.

Key Features:

  • Authentication
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Customizable Templates
  • Redux Integration
  • API Routes
  • CSS Modules
  • Linting and Formatting
  • Internationalization (i18n) Support
  • Deployment Ready

11. Next.js PWA Firebase Boilerplate


Next.js PWA Firebase Boilerplate Tech Stack:

FrontendNext.js, React
AuthenticationFirebase Authentication
DatabaseFirebase Realtime Database
ServerlessFirebase Cloud Functions
DeploymentFirebase Hosting

This boilerplate combines Next.js with Firebase to create progressive web applications with real-time database capabilities and authentication.

Key Features:

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Support
  • Firebase Integration
  • Authentication (Firebase Authentication)
  • Real-time Database (Firebase Realtime Database)
  • Cloud Functions (Firebase Cloud Functions)
  • Serverless Deployment
  • Offline Support
  • Push Notifications
  • SEO Optimization
  • Responsive Design

12. Rapidlaunch


RapidLaunch Tech Stack:

FrameworkNext.js for cutting-edge front-end development
Open SourceAvailable on GitHub for collaborative development

Open Source Repository: GitHub - RapidLaunch

RapidLaunch is a Next.js boilerplate designed to accelerate the app development process, allowing developers to launch their projects faster. While the boilerplate is not yet launched, interested individuals can sign up on their website to gain early access.

Key Features:

  • Accelerate app development with SaaS starter kits, components, and building blocks.
  • Customizable and open-source for flexibility and ease of use.
  • Beautiful UI design to enhance user experience.
  • Launch your apps faster and more efficiently.

Examples Of Useful Next.js:

In addition to the aforementioned boilerplates, here are a few examples of real-world applications built with Next.js:

  • E-commerce websites: Next.js is an awesome tool for e-commerce website construction due to its ability to solve heavy data fetching and listings of products. (Well-known apps are Shopify and BigCommerce.)
  • Content-heavy websites:  News websites, blogs, or any website with a lot of content deserve SSG’s (Static Site Generation) of Next.js, which can render the content at build time and provide fast loading times and good SEO. As for well-known examples, these include The Washington Post and Netflix.


Picking the proper Next.js boilerplate can save you lots of valuable development hours, offering you a head start on the project's success. Whilst you consider the listed factors, namely, features, community support, performance, customization, and documentation, you can choose a boilerplate that fits your needs and supports you in building a high-quality Next.js application.


1. What is a boilerplate code?

Boilerplate code is the segment that is repeated in numerous areas either with almost no variations or with the same set of code structures. It's a kind of skeleton or prototype from which a particular software or applications arise that will be molded into a specific thing. Boilerplate code is a very common way to save time and effort for developers during some new project creation, as it provides already written code that can be modified or extended to match and enlarge the requirements of every project.

2. How to make a boilerplate?

To develop a template, make sure you first find frequent structures and arrangements in your work. The last step is creating a template with all the information and details that can be efficiently reused while working on other projects.

3. Are boilerplate codes bad?

Boilerplate code is not inherently bad. However, it can cause certain problems during software development. It acts as both a stepping stone and a template for application development processes due to the existence of the prebuilt code for the most repeated functions of an app. Nevertheless, repetition or boilerplate coding brings about several problems like redundancy, complexity, and aggravated readability. In addition to that, it is imaginable that boilerplate code has low-level features which in consequence can make a code perform slowly and decline launch time. In this regard, despite these challenges, boilerplate code still proves to be beneficial in expediting development and facilitating consistency when it is used moderately and improvised for the project’s elements to be customized.

4. How to create boilerplate npm?

To build an NPM boilerplate, you can go with tools such as Yeoman or create yours from scratch.

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