Why Online Learning Needs a Common Platform?

Why Online Learning Needs a Common Platform?

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In 2012, online education saw the first wave of popularity with the rapid rise of MOOCs platforms like Coursera, Edx, Udacity, Khan Academy where anyone can take the courses from the best universities of the world online and learn from the great professors. This space grows with the regional players like XuetangX (china), SWAYAM (India), Future Learn (United Kingdom), Gacco (Japan) and many more.

Over time online learning landscape evolves with marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, PluralSight, Lynda that made it easy for anyone to learn specific skills in the field of their interest like programming, design, marketing and also enabled individuals to share their knowledge and teach these skills to others. Soon, it expanded by joining of exam preparations platforms like BYJUs, Unacademy, Vedantu, GradeUp.

In 2017, the rise of course management services like Teachable, Thinkific, Podia empowered creators to make and to sell video courses and digital memberships. It creates a new era of passion economy where knowledge influencers can monetize their knowledge by building and managing their audience.

In 2018, YouTube has also joined this list by announcing a $20M fund for YouTube Learning Initiative to support educational content and creators.

Online Learning Landscape in 2019

While all of these platforms provide a great learning experience to students and learners and a platform to instructors and creators to launch their courses, it is becoming more complicated for learners to pick up a good course.

Learners need to spend more time in searching and comparing different courses, reading reviews instead of spending time on learning. A common place needs to exist where learners can search for courses, compare courses, write a review of courses.

Coursesity is a platform to discover the best online courses available on the internet to learn any subject you want.

Coursesity - one place to discover online courses on the internet

We want to create a place where you can discover the best courses & connect with learners to learn from each other. You can learn about Coursesity Journey over time.


On Coursesity, learners can discover the courses over 200+ different subjects including programming, design, business, marketing, personal development, Health, Test Preparation.


You can discover the best courses across 200 subjects related to development, design, business, marketing, personal development, health, test prep.

With a new powerful search option, you can easily look for subjects & courses of your choice.

Search Courses on Coursesity

Compare Courses

You can filter courses based on various parameters like ratings, duration, topics, price, language, level, dates. Make it easy for you to pick a course.

Course comparison and filter options on Coursesity

Progress & Collections

Manage the progress of your course and track your learning. Save courses for future reference and share your favorite courses with your buddy.

Tracking course progress and managing course collections on Coursesity

Instructors & Creators

Instructors and creators are an important part of Coursesity. Coursesity empowers them by connecting with learners interested in their courses. It is easy for the instructor/creator to submit the courses on the Coursesity.

Launch Course

On Coursesity, instructors can list their courses by submitting the course details. Launching the course on Coursesity will be a good option to attract new learners to your course.

Submit Course to Coursesity

Getting featured the courses on the Coursesity gives an extra edge to instructors/creators to reach out to a wide audience.

Featured Instructors on Coursesity


Show all the courses you are teaching and get exposure for the courses.

Instructors profile to showcase courses on Coursesity

We are building lots of new features for learners and instructors. We have opened our product roadmap.  Feel free to submit your feedback and suggestions.
We are on the mission to create the best place for learners online on the earth and we want you to join us in this mission. Let’s do it together 🙏.