What is UI/UX Design? Beginners Guide to Become a UI/UX Designer

What is UI UX design? Beginners guide to everything you need to know about UI UX design. Learn the difference between UI and UX design. Step by step process to becoming a UI UX designer.

What is UI/UX design? Begineers guide to become a UI/UX designer.

What is UI/UX Design?

UI can be defined as the visual aspect of the product, and UI design is focused on the way a product looks and feels while solving a problem. It is all about creating intuitive, aesthetic, interactive interfaces and UI design is responsible for translating the development, research, content, and product layouts into a compelling, guided, responsive user experience. This is the simplest definition of UI for beginners. Next we will look into the definition and full form of UX design.

The full form of UX is User Experience. UX design is all about discovering and solving users' problems and it is charged with analyzing a target audience's needs and making sure the business builds products that address these needs. UX designers also look at the interface between users and products, finding ways to make sure the products respond to users' core needs.

Before going towards the difference between UI and UX Design, we should look at the similarities. Firstly, the UI/UX Designer's salary is approximately identical and both of them use the best UI/UX design tools available for their job.  In this article, we will also discuss how a beginner can get a high-paying UI/UX designer job and what skills are required to become a UI/UX designer?

At larger companies, UX and UI designer skills work in conjunction, but they usually split the responsibility. On a daily basis, the UX designer will spend much time working with other graphic designers and stakeholders, as well as brainstorming ideas. For someone who wants to take up a different UI/UX designer job, they can start by completing UI/UX Designer Courses and learn graphic designing online.

This blog will talk about the importance of User Interface & User Experience in Graphic Designing. You will also learn about the difference between the two, the career roadmap they offer, and how to get settled with a UI/UX designer job.

Difference between UI and UX

Both UI/UX Designs are important aspects of good product development. However, the two often get mixed up by people new to the field and by people who don't know the difference between UI and UX. For a better understanding of the difference between UI and UX Designing you can refer to the information below:

UI Design - User Interface Design

The purpose of User Interface design is to make user interactions as easy and effective as possible, from a user's perspective (UX-centric design). User interface design must minimize the effort the user has to put into interacting with a product and should facilitate users to achieve their goals easily. There are tons of UI design tools that a beginner can explore to get started with UI designing.

UI design transfers branding strengths and visual assets into a product interface, making sure that the design is consistent, cohesive, and aesthetic. In that sense, UI design processes build on the foundations laid down by the UX design process, adding in the appropriate styles and interactions to produce the perfect UX.

That is not to say User Interface design is about looks alone; UI designers play an outsized role in whether a product is usable and inclusive. It is important to make your UI aesthetic, as interfaces with a good aesthetic are perceived by the end-user to be more usable, according to the Aestheticusability Effect.

UI Designer skills needed

  • Researching the needs of users and understanding their product goals, whether in collaboration with UX designers or independently.
  • Making decisions regarding typography and color palettes.
  • Designing individual elements such as buttons, icons, and forms.
  • Comparing the product to similar products to understand how users might expect the product to look and behave
  • Creating ways to interact with different UI elements.

UI Design Tools:

  • Figma
  • Adobe
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD

UX Design - User Experience Design

In regards to websites and applications, UX design is concerned with how the products look, feel, and interact. Some UX designers, however, focus on UX interaction design, which is mostly concerned with the visual style of the application or site.

UX design involves managing a user's journey through interacting with the product or service, whereas UI design is focused on actually building the interfaces for this product or service. Good UX design makes it easy to accomplish your tasks without drawing undue attention to yourself.

A UX well-designed ideally prevents errors before they occur and provide ways of correcting such errors. UX designing includes user research, strategy, and content development to consider the complete customer experience. They are responsible for building meaningful experiences and integrating elements from branding, marketing, engineering, design, and usability in the product.

UX Designer skills

  • Informing internal and external stakeholders about user research results.
  • Performing usability tests.
  • Developing user personas and use cases.
  • Reviewing and iterating on user feedback and activity to enhance the user experience.
  • Development of prototypes.
  • Drawing wireframes, storyboards, site maps, and screens.

UX Design Tools:

  • FlowMapp
  • Balsamiq
  • Wireframe. cc
  • VisualSitemaps

Is UI/UX a good career?

If you are a creative person and have a good understanding of graphic design, psychology, and human-computer interaction, as well as web design, then maybe UI/UX designing is the best career option for you! Talking about the current scenario, there are many companies that are slowly realizing the value of skilled UI/UX designers to help them create apps that are user-friendly. The salary of a fresher UX/UI designer can vary according to the location and scale of the company. You simply need to master the top Ui/Ux design skills from the best Ui/Ux design courses and you are good to land yourself a job.

UI/UX designer jobs can be challenging, but you do have some interesting options to help make it easier. One of these is the option to become a freelancer. If you choose this route, you'll have the freedom to work when and where you want - maybe that means in your pajamas or 30 minutes before your next yoga class. Apparently even at the beach, if that's your thing and still earn what is equivalent to a UI/UX Designer salary!

How to become a UI/UX Designer? - UI/UX Career Roadmap

Before starting down the UX design career path, it is essential that you master the best UX design tools. Your first UX industry job will greatly influence the career trajectory of UX design, determining the distance you go in the first year as a UX designer, as well as how quickly. If you are a budding UX designer, you may wonder whether there is any particular career path that you should take and what are the skills needed to become a UX designer?

To be a UX designer, you will need to study and develop a range of technical skills that are critical for this role, including user research and strategy (which involves gathering data), wireframing and prototyping, user interface design, and responsive web design, among others.

To learn how to become a UX Designer, you need to learn fundamentals in design, user and market research, strategy, and product development, among others.

On the flip side, if you're passionate about UI design; get ready to collaborate with a variety of teams; adept at communicating findings effectively with all the relevant stakeholders, and enjoy the idea of mastering a number of different research techniques and being your user's voice, it is well worth considering a career in user experience research.

To learn how to become a UI Designer, you need to first consider what type of role you're looking toward conquering as well. If you want to become a visual UI designer, then you’ll be responsible for determining what visual elements will work best in relation to design strategy. If you want to be an interaction designer, then your focus will be on the actual functionality of how the site looks.

How to get UI/UX Designer jobs?

Before you actually begin applying to online UI/UX Designer jobs, you better keep learning and improving your UI/UX design skills as well. After mastering the core UI/UX designer skills and tools, the next step is for you to get some actual work in order to practice and refine your design skills.

Even if you are a beginner who knows nothing about how to become a UI/UX designer, your actual skills and ability in design are very important when trying to get UI/UX Designer jobs. Working on your UI/UX designer skills and projects will help you practice & polish your existing skills, as well as get some experience when faced with new challenges, all the while producing work to put in your UI/UX design portfolio.

You can consider learning through various UI/UX designer courses and programs available on the internet for understanding the best UI/UX design tools and skills. Also, try to favor those UI/UX designer courses or programs that can provide you with a certificate of completion!

Best UI/UX Designer Courses and Tutorials

For someone to make a mark in the designing industry, it is eminent to develop a solid foundation of user interface concepts and immersive designs, to equip them to pursue the much-coveted career of graphic design. It includes both paid and free resources that will help you to learn and understand the difference between UX and UI design, and the courses are suited to beginners, intermediate learners, as well as experts.

To help you break into the UX and UI design world, we have curated a list of 10 best UX Design & UI Design tutorials and online courses that will teach you all you need to know, and, in some cases, will even give you certification.

You can get these Graphic designing courses online and at your own pace, gain certificates from industry-respected sources, and earn what is equivalent to a UI/UX Designer salary.


Graphic Designing is a great way to express your thoughts and ideas and earn a living on the side. As the demand for a more refined app experience grows, UI/UX designing will continue to become one of the most viable ways not only to improve your creativity & designing, but also to earn money, and it is easier than you might think.

You can also learn Graphic Designing online with some of the best courses available some of them are free and some of them are paid. If you want to improve your graphic designing skills for free, you can check out our curation of Best Free Online Graphics Design Courses.

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