Influence of Essay Writing Tools on Education

Influence of Essay Writing Tools on Education

Google Scholar Reviewed Documents

The sources used by school and college students for essay writing have changed dramatically in the recent past. Before, they had to visit the library to hunt for information to access peer-reviewed articles. Today it is available any time of the day or night at their fingertips with Google Scholar.

It is easy to find lots more information and highly researched studies with Google Scholar. This tool ranks essays the traditional way in which researchers used to rank them. It weighs the text of the document, who the author was, where the article was published, as well as how recently and how frequently it was cited in other literature.

Essay Help When Needed

Technology is helping students with their homework which was never possible even a decade ago. The ubiquitous digital tools available today in the palm of your hands make writing effortless and a thing of joy. This seismic impact of digital tools and the internet on essay writing has changed the landscape of the educational sector.

The changes undergone in the educational sector are apparent in the way students study, learn and submit assignments. Today, the papers written by college students are facilitated by online tools. Writing them becomes easier than before. If they are looking for an essay writing service on the internet, Edubirdie has essay examples and skilled professionals on standby. If they find math challenging, all they do is type in “do my math homework” in the search bar. And they have their homework in no time.

Wider Collaboration Made Easier

Digital tools in the classrooms have made collaboration among students easier with a far wider reach. These tools are the best way to encourage students to work together collaboratively as a team. They can create projects together with the aid of these tools even when they are physically apart. With digital tools, students get a taste of what it is like to learn with different nationalities, even without traveling, which was not possible before.

Documents Checked For Plagiarism

Since the advent of Internet tools and digital platforms, essay writing and homework assignments have been made easy for students. However, there is a danger of them copying and pasting a huge chunk of the work as theirs and not giving credit. This practice is not condoned. With plagiarism tools, educators can now detect copied content easily.

Fortunately, various plagiarism detectors help students run through the documents and make changes to the text and write them in their words. Plagiarism checker tools detect stolen text from all web pages and academic databases. They can detect whether the content contains duplicate or borrowed text by highlighting passages that need citations. It can also give you the information you need to credit your sources properly.

Citation styles made easy

Although the information for the essay content is readily available, they still must cite their work. In other words, the credit should go where it is due. The ideas and concepts expressed in the essay should not be passed on as your work. Sources such as online journals and websites need to be cited, and that too in the correct format.

Proper citation formats such as Chicago, APA, and MLA can also be done using citation generator tools. Citation styles are important because otherwise, it can lower your grades.

Usage of correct language

Educators are notorious for correcting the language students use. Often, the initial drafts need to be edited several times with the students because the language is not fit for writing in an academic setting. Professors see a lot of conversational-style writing creeping its way into assignments. The lines between informal and formal writing are blurred.

Thanks to tons of information and the tools available online, students can now follow the academic rules of writing. It is now easy to convert your words into explicit, formal, and factual academic language. The complexity of academic writing is made easy by following a few guidelines which are easy to follow.


Essay writing is here to stay. It teaches students how to express their thoughts in words in different settings. However, the resources used to write these essays and the way they are sourced are changing rapidly with technology. The good news is that with each passing phase in the tech world, essay writing gets easier day by day.

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