10 Free Social Media and Marketing Courses to Elevate Your Skills Today

10 Free Social Media and Marketing Courses to Elevate Your Skills Today

With the way things are right now, just about everything is done online.

  • Got to attend a meeting? Do it online.
  • Need to celebrate a friend’s birthday? Do it online.
  • Groceries? Online.
  • Banking? Online.

Not only is it safe, but it’s also very convenient.

With so much happening online, a lot of businesses are now making their way onto different online platforms.

Be it to accommodate the rapidly changing economy and how we work, or the masses of consumers on these platforms, or simply to level up your game, everyone is looking into developing their skills online.

Don’t get left behind!

Being equipped with these new skills will help boost not only your knowledge, but also your value to your company. If you can master how to navigate your way up this avenue for a potential “new normal,” you can utilize it to your advantage, It can leap you a lot of steps ahead of your competitor.

The best part?

It’s all free!

So let’s find out where we can learn these newly valuable skills.

Free Social Media Marketing Courses

1. Social Media Marketing

(North Western University)

This is a specialization course that focuses on helping you effectively utilize social media as a platform. You will learn how to reach out to more people and influence them into engaging with your company. Today, everyone uses social media to guide their purchase decisions, be they businesses or consumers.

This specialization will help you understand these platforms better and how best to reach your target audience. It will also teach you how to engage with more people and gain a wider audience for your awesome content.

2. What is Social?

This first course will give you an overview of social media marketing. Your potential clients are always looking for experts that can help them. This is the first step in becoming the expert that they need.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Social Marketing
  • Social Trends
  • Business Social
  • Social Overview

3. The Importance of Listening

Listening to your audience is a key part of being able to bring them what they want in a way that they want it. This course will teach techniques in how you can  better understand your audience. The importance of learning how to listen cannot be overstated; this new ability will enrich both your business and personal engagements.

It will also give you an idea about what tools are effective in listening to social conversations that will benefit your company, collecting data from social media platforms, and analyzing these data to help develop your company.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Big Data
  • Big Information
  • Big Insights
  • Real-time Action

4. Engagement and Nurture Marketing

Now that we’ve got the basics down and know how to listen to our audience, we now look at the best practices that top-performing companies use in the real world. What exactly makes them the best of the best?

This will also give you an understanding of the importance of infographics and the impact of a well-designed landing page. These are important tools that help drive your company in establishing your social media presence.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Social Strategy Overview
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Nurture Marketing and Strategy
  • Developing a Great Blog

5. Content, Advertising and Social IMC

When you’re in the marketing industry, going viral is virtual gold. Let’s learn how we can make this happen.

It will give you an understanding of how important it is to develop content that is engaging for your audience for effective social media marketing.

Gamification is one of the exciting topics in this course. Imagine making boring things fun so your audience will be motivated to engage with you more!

This will help you attract the right audience, and keep them interested and coming back for more.

Important secrets unfold in this course and they’re something you wouldn’t want to miss.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Content Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Social Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • Measuring your Social Programs

6. Search Engine Optimization

(University of California)

Along with establishing a social media presence, being able to make sure that your content is visible to your audience is equally important.

This course will teach you real-world skills that can be used not only in digital marketing but also in online content development. You'll be able to optimize your content for both local and international audiences.  

This course builds from beginner to advanced so keep in mind that you’ll need to follow the course as it's listed.

7. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

As with our Social Media marketing, if you’re starting this with zero knowledge, this course is an awesome starter course for you. It explains how search engines work and how they have evolved throughout history.

It also addresses the strategies of SEO, how to drive and organize traffic to a website, and the penalties we have to avoid.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Getting started and Introduction to SEO
  • Evolution of SEO
  • Current SEO best practices
  • SEO of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond & Course Wrap Up

8. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

When we understand SEO, we’ll understand how keywords affect our searches. Being able to work with the algorithm and affect organic search results is one of the cornerstones of SEO.

Key elements in creating an effective SEO strategy will be discussed here including the following concepts:

  • How to select keywords
  • Perform keyword research
  • Consumer psychology and search behavior

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Getting Started and Introduction to On-page SEO
  • Introduction to Off-page SEO
  • Introduction to Technical SEO
  • Keyword Theory and Research

As we are able to understand the theory behind SEO, it's time that we put this knowledge into practice.

This is the hands-on portion of the specialization where you’ll learn how to select and apply the right keywords for your content in order to become more visible to your audience.

The course will also cover how to optimize a site for local search so you'll be visible to potential clients near you.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Advanced On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Creating an SEO Campaign

10. Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO

Now that you’re ready to master SEO, you’re going to deal with advanced content. This course explains Content Marketing Ecosystem and how this and social media impact SEO.

You'll merge what you learned from social media marketing and SEO here.

The second part of the course covers Social Media Marketing and how you can use it to develop your reputation and greater visibility to your audience.

Finally, we get to learn what "World-class Content" is and how we're going to create it for ourselves.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influence Marketing
  • Creating World Class Content

Key Takeaway

Online platforms are the next big thing. Everything will eventually go online.

Marketing will move to social media since almost all of the media traffic happens there. Fully utilizing our websites will become more crucial as the market becomes saturated with relevant content.

Learning is definitely a time-consuming activity. We can be excited to apply all that we have learned to our content but sometimes, we’re not able to take the time to cover all the nitty-gritty details.

That's why a link building reseller is also an option for us to boost our SEO rankings. It's important because link building is an essential part of establishing a good SEO ranking.

Being able to learn these skills now can help us stay one step ahead of our competitors; and being one step ahead of our competitors might be the key to succeeding in our niche.

We are in an age where valuable information is at our fingertips. All we need to do is find the right and reliable sources to acquire these valuable pieces of information.

The best part is that this knowledge is available to us for free. A lot of people pay to learn these skills! We may not be earning certificates for these free courses, but the lessons learned will be priceless.  

All we need to do is grab the opportunity and make the best of it.

Hey! If you have made it this far then certainly you are willing to learn more and here at Coursesity, it is our duty to enlighten people with knowledge on topics they are willing to learn. Here are some more topics that we think will be interesting for you!