7 Best Scratch Coding Courses For Kids in 2022

7 Best Scratch Coding Courses For Kids in 2022
Best Scratch Coding Courses

Individuals are increasingly choosing Software Development as their first career choice. Consequently, parents teach their children coding at an early age. Are you interested in having your children become coding experts? Let us help.

The best way for young kids and beginners to learn to code is through Scratch. It is a block-based programming language that simplifies coding for beginners. Children can perform actions quickly and easily by dragging and dropping. It can help you get into app development without the traditionally steep learning curve inherent to traditional languages. Scratch might be geared toward young developers, but it's a highly visual and simplified program.

Keeping this in mind, here at Coursesity, we have curated some of the Best Scratch Programming Courses Online with certification. Hopefully, you will be able to find the best course to help you learn Scratch for professional development.

Top Scratch Coding Courses, Tutorials, and Certifications

  1. Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch
  2. Programming with Scratch
  3. CS50's Introduction to Programming with Scratch
  4. Full Scratch 3.0 Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced
  5. Teaching Coding in Grades 5-8 with Scratch Encore
  6. Teach coding to Kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Robotics
  7. Learning Scratch

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1. Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch

Scratch is a programming language developed by MIT that makes programming fun, making it seem like a game. Throughout this course, we'll learn the basics of coding and will create games and applications.

In this Scratch coding course, you will:

  • Create smart and fun games.
  • Create animations and cool visual effects.
  • Learn to code.
  • Understand complex computer science concepts by intuitively applying them in games.
  • Learn text-based programming languages 2x - 10x faster.

You will learn several computer science topics, hiding the complexity behind characters, animations, analogies, and fun. Additionally, you will learn how to create animations and cool effects, and we will create clones of some of the most popular games, such as Flappy Bird or Pac-Man.

  • Course rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 (9,158 Ratings total)
  • Duration: 7h 37m
  • Certificate: Certificate on completion
Learning to Code in Scratch Programming for Kids and Beginners
Learn to program, create games, have fun in Scratch! For parents and teachers of future coders

2. Programming with Scratch

Computational thinking skills are critical for solving problems across many disciplines when learning to code. It goes beyond merely understanding the programming language. Thus, this course will introduce you to Scratch.

This Scratch coding course includes:

  • Pass The Baton
  • The Short-sighted Sprite
  • Logo Turtle
  • Flappy Parrot
  • Capstone Project

With Scratch, a block-based visual programming language, students will create interactive storybooks, animations, and games using basic programming skills.

  • Course rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 (47 Ratings total)
  • Duration: 37h
  • Certificate: Certificate on completion
Programming with Scratch
Offered by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Learning coding is not only about understanding the programming language ... Enroll for free.

3. CS50's Introduction to Programming with Scratch

This course introduces the Scratch programming language, a visual programming language that lets students write code by dragging and dropping graphical blocks (similar to puzzle pieces) instead of typing text.

In this Scratch coding course, you will learn:

  • functions
  • events
  • values
  • conditions
  • loops
  • variables
  • abstraction

Through Scratch, students will learn the programming fundamentals of Scratch and traditional text-based languages such as Java and Python. As a result, this course prepares students for future programming courses.

  • Duration: 3 weeks (2-6 hours/week)
  • Certificate: Certificate on completion
CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Scratch
A gentle introduction to programming that prepares you for subsequent courses in coding.

4. Full Scratch 3.0 Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced

This course is perfect for anyone who is a parent who wants to introduce their children to computer programming, a teacher seeking an excellent way to introduce a technology class to software development, or simply a curious person interested in learning more about how programming works.

In this Scratch coding course, you will:

  • Become a specialist in block-based programming.
  • Learn to develop your own quality 2D/3D games and applications.
  • Understand the "magic" behind how computer programs actually work.
  • Become proficient in web development, app development, and game development.
  • Become familiar with universal programming strategies, vocabulary, and logic.
  • Learn to design graphics, bitmaps, and vectors, no matter your artistic abilities.

Developers in this course will learn how to create simple and complex scripts using block-based programming, which involves dragging and dropping functions together. As the course progresses, the difficulty will increase, improving cumulative learning while reinforcing earlier learned material through interactive activities.

This course will not only take you from beginner to expert in block-based programming, but it will also give you a strong boost for whatever path you decide to follow afterward if you plan to continue programming. Whether you are interested in advanced app development, game development, or web development, this course will prepare you to get started.

  • Course rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 (445 Ratings total)
  • Duration: 10h 15m
  • Certificate: Certificate on completion
Full Scratch 3.0 Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced
Use Scratch 3.0 to learn universal programming concepts, create games, design apps, make models, and more!

5. Teaching Coding in Grades 5-8 with Scratch Encore

Using Scratch Encore, an intermediate computer science curriculum that is culturally responsive, this course aims to introduce teachers and other educators to Scratch programming basics. The course introduces useful pedagogical practices and teaching strategies.

In this Scratch coding course, you will:

  • Program in Scratch.
  • Understand focal computer science content such as event-driven programming, iterative and conditional loops, one-way synchronization, etc.
  • Learn the underlying pedagogy and learning strategies used in the Scratch Encore curriculum.
  • Take what you’ve learned back to your classroom and confidently teach coding using the Scratch Encore curriculum.

The course is intended for elementary and middle-school teachers or parents with no programming or coding experience. Throughout the course, teachers will gain an intimate understanding of Scratch Encore, Scratch pedagogy, and pedagogical approaches to coding with Scratch.

Students will progress from learning Scratch as a learner to working through Scratch Encore. Initially, this curriculum teaches the Scratch development environment, sequences, events, and basic loops. The course then moves on to intermediate topics that teach programmers how to coordinate more complex actions (intermediate loops and synchronization).

After completing this course, participants should be able to teach Scratch with either Scratch Encore or other curriculums or work independently with students.

  • Duration: 6 weeks (2-4 hours/week)
  • Certificate: Certificate on completion
Teaching Coding in Grades 5-8 with Scratch Encore
This course introduces teachers and other educators to the basics of teaching programming with Scratch to students in grades 5-8 using Scratch Encore, a culturally responsive, intermediate computer science curriculum. Each week, participants are introduced to key computer science concepts (e.g., loo…

6. Teach coding to Kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Robotics

With this course, you will learn different Programming concepts with ease and fun and apply them to more than ten different types of software. You will create interesting games and apps using the Scratch programming language.

In this Scratch Coding course, you will:

  • Create interactive applications like Quiz systems & Calculators using Scratch programming.
  • Construct 3 - Learn the Professional Game Engine and build real interactive games - like platformer & Tank Fights.
  • Create applications to build 2D/3D Shapes & Patterns through Programming.
  • Create Animations & Stories using simple programming concepts.
  • Build numerous mathematical applications with advanced Python Programming like Student Grades Calculator, number series, etc.
  • Create a website using HTML coding & style the website using CSS concepts.
  • Build & Design a Website using Wordpress.
  • Take your website to live for free, and use various themes & plugins for Wordpress.
  • Learn Circuit Building - LED's Motors, Sensors, Robots.
  • Program Electronics Chips - Arduino, Chibichip.

In this course, you'll learn a professional game engine called Construct 3 and build real interactive games, such as platformers and tank battles. Additionally, you will learn how to program applications that create shapes and patterns in 2D and 3D. In addition, you will learn HTML coding and CSS styling.

  • Course rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 (1,138 Ratings total)
  • Duration: 17h 24m
  • Certificate: Certificate on completion
Teach coding to Kids : Scratch, Python, Html, Css, Robotics
Become a Coding Champ ! 9 courses in 1. Learn more than 10 software | Build - Games | Animations | Web Sites | Robots.

7. Learning Scratch

There's an up-and-coming language called Scratch that teaches beginners how to program. Throughout the course, you will learn how to create simple web projects using Scratch while learning basic programming concepts. First, it shows how to create your first project and gather the art (aka sprites) and other assets you'll need.

This Scratch coding course includes:

  • Get Started with Scratch
  • Scripts
  • Costumes
  • Sounds
  • Build a Game

Next, it discusses how to use prebuilt scripts and the bits of code that provide logic to your Scratch projects. Additionally, it demonstrates how to use different script types for different purposes, such as animating sprites, responding to button clicks, and comparing values.

After that, it shows how to load and play sounds, as well as costumes. Last but not least, it shows how to assemble the entire project into a complete web game, which can be shared with the Scratch community.

  • Course rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 (177 Ratings total)
  • Duration: 22h 7m
  • Certificate: Certificate on completion
  • View course

Thank you for reading this. We hope our course curation will help you pick the right course to learn Scratch coding.

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