5 Best Product Manager Bootcamps for Beginners in 2023

Want to become a product manager? These are the best places to learn how to be a product manager. You'll find everything you need to know to learn the skills you need to land a PM job.

Best Product Manager Bootcamps

Top Product Manager Bootcamps List

  1. General Assembly
  2. Product School
  3. Thinkful
  4. Product Gym
  5. Technosoft Academy

General Assembly

General Assembly's Product Manager Bootcamp is an excellent option for aspiring product managers. You'll learn about SEO/SEM optimization, conversion rate optimization, agile project management methods, how to apply for a product manager job, etc.


The curriculum was designed to match the expectations and needs of employers. It also includes a capstone project that demonstrates a student's ability to design and develop an end-to-end solution.

The curriculum from this product manager boot camp provides students with the skills they require to thrive in an ever-changing industry. Aside from these courses, workshops are available on navigating office politics or developing your brand. In addition to one-on-one career coaching and workshops, GA students have access to a network of hiring partners.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Assembly's product management boot camps are now conducted remotely.


Tuition Options Description Fees
Employer Sponsorship Receive full or partial tuition reimbursement from your company.

$0 SGD

(per your employer's benefits)

Full Tuition Total fees payable by students will be subject to 7% GST. $5,350 SGD
Instalment Plans Divide tuition into two, three, or four easy payments.

$1,250 SGD

(per instalment)

Product School

Product School is a boot camp devoted exclusively to product management. The course content is tailored to engineers and MBAs who wish to learn the finer points of product management. Classes are offered on flexible schedules, so students won't need to quit their jobs to attend.

All instructors at Product School are working professionals that bring out the best in students. The most important parts of this product manager boot camp are UX Design, Online Marketing, and soft skills that make a great product manager.


Students will benefit from a blend of group activities, real-world case studies, and hands-on mentorship through this curriculum. In this boot camp, they will learn how to build digital products from scratch, how to lead cross-functional teams, and how to land their next product job or promotion.

If you prefer, you may enroll in a 2-month part-time course on weeknights or weekdays, or you may acquire more rapid education with a 5-day full-time course of hands-on training.


Cost: $3,995 (Product Management)

Duration: 8 Weeks (part-time)


Build a career in an exciting and in-demand profession through this Introduction to Technical Project Management Bootcamp. This Bootcamp will help you understand how to develop, implement, and manage technical projects. A Product Manager efficiently manages specs, timelines, and budgets make them the ultimate collaborators.


You will acquire job-ready skills in this Product Manager Bootcamp. This Bootcamp leads you through three key topics:

  • Process: Implement the project management process and its features to technology development.
  • People: Developing your communication, conflict management, and leadership skills is essential.
  • Technology: To succeed, you need the right tools and defining skills.

Duration: 5 months


Tuition Options Description Fees
Pay Upfront Pay in full before you start, at the lowest possible rate. No additional costs, and nothing to pay when you’re done.   $6,500
Month to month Pay the same amount in tuition each month. $1,600
Deferred Tuition No payments until you earn at least $40k a year, then make fixed monthly payments. Fees and terms vary depending on the amount requested, credit history, employment history, and personal references. If you are not hired within six months and qualify for our Tuition Refund Guarantee, we will forgive the loan.


Product Gym

Product Gym is a product manager boot camp designed to prepare students for lifelong careers in product management. Additionally, this institution emphasizes getting students more job interviews and increasing the likelihood that graduates will land lucrative jobs.


Product Gym Bootcamp provides several programs designed to help working product managers advance their careers and land better jobs. These programs are for professionals who are more than two years into their careers. The curriculum includes:

  • Product Management Skills Review & Learning Plan
  • Optimize and Position Your Existing Experience
  • Drive 10 To 22+ Interviews Per Week
  • Build Interviewing and Case Study Skills

Tuition & Financing Options

When paying Product Gym's membership fees, you don't have as many options as paying for a coding boot camp. Depending on your preferences, you can pay upfront, through installments, or an income share agreement. Also, students can apply for private student loans, not available through Product Gym.

Installments: Student members can choose between two payment options. The first option involves paying the membership fees in two installments of $3,750 each. In the second option, members must pay their membership fees in three installments of $3,000 each.

Technosoft Academy

Technosoft Academy

This Product Manager Bootcamp will prepare students to enter the field of product management with the necessary knowledge and skills. Upon graduation, students will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of product management, how to effectively work cross-functionally with several different teams, and develop a fast, safe, and effective release cadence. In addition, students will learn about the technologies that power and maintain today's software products.


In this course, there is only one goal. Get your career off to a good start. Change can be intimidating, and changing careers is no exception. This product management course will equip you with valuable skills, and more importantly, how you learn to apply those skills will lead to a fulfilling career in an exciting and ever-changing field. The curriculum includes:

  • Overview of SDLC, What is Product Management and Your Role as a PM
  • The Teams, Objective, Process & Methodologies
  • Basics of Defining Requirements, Analytics & Testing
  • Changing the Process to suit your teams’ needs & the importance of communication
  • Release Management, Product Roadmapping & Product Strategy
  • Understanding Technology


There are two ways to pay for this product manager boot camp:

  • Full Tuition: $5000
  • Installment: $1,167/mo* (4 monthly installments)


What is a Product Manager Bootcamp?

Product management boot camps are product management certification programs designed to develop exceptional product managers by teaching fundamental skills such as:

  • Creating business plans
  • Developing software features based on user expectations
  • Market research
  • Understanding customer needs and requirements

Are Product Manager Bootcamps effective?

If you are serious about becoming a product manager, then yes. People interested in entering the tech industry and learning specialized skills can benefit from a product management bootcamp. Furthermore, they are usually more affordable and take less time than earning a degree. Students learn from instructors with experience in the field, giving them an advantage with their current skills.

What will I learn in a Product Manager Bootcamp?

There are several program topics to choose from, but most emphasize understanding the lifecycle of a product and learning how to identify problems and implement solutions. In a product manager bootcamp, students will learn how to conduct user research, analyze data, and solve strategic issues within a product. In some courses, students may also learn UX/UI design, digital marketing, making decisions with SQL, analyzing data with tools such as Tableau, and how to maximize efficiency with Agile product management methods.

How do I choose the right Product Manager Bootcamp for me?

At first, choosing between so many PM bootcamps may seem overwhelming. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to help you decide:

  • What Do You Wish To Learn? (What Skills Do You Need?)
  • How much time can I commit to the bootcamp? (Having a plan that fits your schedule is vital in this industry.)

After that, seek out programs that offer courses relevant to what you are seeking. Start by reviewing each bootcamp program in detail by following the links in the list above. Also, remember you should choose a bootcamp that aligns with your product manager's goals and is financially feasible.