7 Best Positive Psychology Courses Online - [2024]

7 Best Positive Psychology Courses Online - [2024]

Embarking on a journey to enhance one's well-being and happiness is an admirable pursuit, and the field of positive psychology offers a wealth of knowledge to guide you along this path. As we step into 2024, the landscape of positive psychology education has expanded, presenting a variety of courses that cater to different interests and professional goals.

Now, imagine having access to the best Positive Psychology courses in 2024, designed to unravel the secrets of a fulfilling life. These courses aren't just educational experiences; they're transformative journeys that equip you with practical tools and insights to navigate life's ups and downs with a positive mindset. From understanding the science of happiness to unlocking the keys to personal growth, each course on our curated list offers a unique pathway to a flourishing life.

Join us as we explore the top 7 Positive Psychology courses of 2024, where self-discovery meets actionable wisdom, paving the way for a brighter and more resilient you. Let the journey to a happier and more fulfilled life begin!

Top Positive Psychology Courses List

  1. The Psychology of Happiness
  2. Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization
  3. Positive Psychology Practitioner Diploma | Happiness Science
  4. Positive Psychology
  5. Positive Psychology: Work-Life-Balance | Live Well-Work Well
  6. Complete Positive Psychology Course Master Positive Thinking

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1. The Psychology of Happiness

This course delves into the essentials of the science of happiness, focusing on credible research published in peer-reviewed journals. Leave behind the fluff and embrace a course grounded in authentic psychological studies. Begin your journey with an insightful overview of happiness, addressing common myths about its importance and the role of money in life satisfaction.

In this Positive psychology course, you will learn the following:

  • Use simple tricks to lead a happier life.
  • Understand where real happiness comes from.
  • Dispel common myths about what it means to lead a fulfilled life.
  • Connect more deeply with other people.

The course stands out for its commitment to practicality, offering everyday tricks immediately applicable to enhance well-being. Organized into broad themes, these tricks encapsulate key determinants of happiness, drawing from real research in the science of happiness. There is no pseudo-science, just actionable insights to amplify your joy.

The instructor guides you through practical tips derived from rigorous research in psychological science, ensuring you gain actionable insights. Explore the surprising links between wealth and happiness, the pitfalls of materialism, and transformative exercises that bring lasting changes to your well-being.

  • Course rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 (14,550 rating total)
  • Duration: 1.5 Hours
  • Certificate: Certificate of completion

2. Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of positive psychology with the "Foundations of Positive Psychology" specialization, a five-course series presented by the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman. This comprehensive specialization not only imparts key theories and research in positive psychology but also offers practical applications for real-world impact.

The Positive psychology courses within the specialization cover a diverse range of topics:

  1. Positive Psychology: Martin E.P. Seligman’s Visionary Science with Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman
  2. Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions with Dr. James Pawelski
  3. Positive Psychology: Character, Grit, and Research Methods with Dr. Angela Duckworth & Dr. Claire Robertson-Kraft
  4. Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills with Dr. Karen Reivich
  5. Positive Psychology Specialization Project with Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman

Through an applied learning project, learners get the opportunity to design and justify small-scale positive interventions tailored to enhance specific aspects of personal well-being. These interventions, based on the acquired skills from each course, empower learners to positively impact both their personal and professional lives.

Upon successful completion of all five courses, learners receive a prestigious certificate signed by luminaries in the field: Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, Dr. James Pawelski, Dr. Angela Duckworth, Dr. Claire Robertson-Kraft, and Dr. Karen Reivich. Elevate your understanding of positive psychology and apply it meaningfully with this specialization.

  • Course rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 (6,717 rating total)
  • Duration: 2 months (10h/week)
  • Certificate: Certificate of completion
Foundations of Positive Psychology
Offered by University of Pennsylvania. Positive Psychology: Well-being for life. Master strategies and tools that enable individuals and ... Enroll for free.

3. Positive Psychology Practitioner Diploma | Happiness Science

This course is designed for a diverse audience with a common goal of seeking happiness and well-being in various aspects of life. It caters to individuals who are genuinely interested in authentic happiness and personal growth, providing valuable insights and tools for enhancing overall satisfaction. Career professionals looking to boost their credibility, confidence, and resilience will find this course beneficial for their advancement.

In this Positive psychology course, you will learn the following:

  • Unlock Lasting Happiness: Discover the path to genuine happiness without compromising your authenticity or identity.
  • Enhance Relationships: Improve your connections with others and build meaningful, fulfilling relationships in your personal and professional life.
  • Boost Confidence and Credibility: Develop a strong sense of self-assurance and elevate your credibility in various aspects of life.
  • Cultivate Resilience: Gain valuable tools to overcome challenges, build resilience, and find balance in life.
  • Redefine Success: Shift your focus from chasing happiness to finding purpose and fulfillment in what truly matters to you
  • Harness Positive Psychology: Learn from the science of positive psychology and apply practical strategies for well-being.
  • Embrace Self-Confidence and Optimism: Cultivate a positive mindset, boost self-confidence, and embrace an optimistic outlook on life.
  • Master Mindfulness: Understand and practice essential mindfulness techniques to enhance awareness and mindfulness in daily activities.
  • Set Goals with Purpose: Create meaningful goals aligned with happiness and well-being, increasing the likelihood of achievement.
  • Transform Multiple Areas of Life: Unlock the power of positive psychology to improve physical, financial, career, and overall well-being.
  • Uncover the Secrets of Habits: Gain insights into the psychology of habits and learn how to make positive changes in your life.
  • Discover the Science of Happiness: Explore the science and research-based tools that drive happiness and flourishing.
  • Set Goals with Happiness in Mind: Create and pursue goals that align with your happiness and fulfillment, setting yourself up for success.
  • Become Skilled in Many Mindfulness Techniques: Master various mindfulness practices to cultivate a calm and focused mind in daily life.
  • Become even more Successful in Any Area of Your Life: Implement positive psychology tools to excel and thrive in multiple aspects of your life.
  • Learn the Connection between Meditation, Happiness, Optimism, and Success: Understand the powerful link between meditation practices and positive outcomes.
  • Implement Good New Habits and Change Bad Old Habits: Cultivate positive habits while breaking free from negative patterns that hinder your growth.
  • Find Your Moral Compass: Discover and align with your values and ethical principles to lead a more purposeful and meaningful life.
  • Understand How Spirituality and/or Religion Can Help You Become More Resilient: Explore the role of spirituality and religion in building resilience.
  • Improve Social Support: Learn strategies to enhance social connections and build a supportive network of friends and colleagues.
  • Learn and Apply Seven Secrets of Habits and Happiness Daily: Integrate the seven secrets of habits and happiness into your daily routine for lasting positivity.
  • Use Role Models to Bounce Back from Bad Events: Draw inspiration from role models to overcome adversity and bounce back stronger.
  • Become Even More Physically Fit: Understand the relationship between physical fitness and happiness and implement practices for improved well-being.
  • Exercise Your Brain Muscles: Engage in cognitive exercises and brain training to boost mental agility and performance.
  • Improve Emotional and Cognitive Flexibility: Develop the ability to adapt and respond effectively to life's challenges and opportunities.
  • Find Your Meaning and Purpose: Explore your life's purpose and meaning, guiding you towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven existence.
  • Understand and Learn the Psychology and Research Behind Happiness: Gain insights into the science and research behind happiness and its impact.
  • Learn and Apply New Goal-Setting Techniques with Happiness in Mind: Discover goal-setting strategies that prioritize happiness while achieving success.
  • Learn New Authentic Happiness Tools and Apply Them "Everywhere You Go": Integrate authentic happiness tools into various areas of your life.
  • Improve Overall Wellbeing: Experience a holistic improvement in your well-being as you implement positive psychology principles into your daily life.

Coaches, therapists, and counselors can integrate positive psychology tools into their practice to better support their clients. Managers and leaders aiming to create a positive work culture and improve team dynamics will gain valuable insights. Additionally, personal growth enthusiasts committed to exploring the science of happiness will discover practical strategies to achieve their goals.

By the end of the course, participants can expect to become authentically happier, improve relationships, boost confidence, increase credibility, and gain tools for resilience. The course covers a wide range of topics, including setting meaningful goals, understanding strengths, applying mindfulness techniques, and fostering positive habits.

  • Duration: 7.5 Hours
  • Certificate: Certificate of completion

4. Positive Psychology

The course comprises six modules that delve into the research findings in positive psychology led by Barbara Fredrickson and her colleagues. Throughout the modules, participants will explore not only the theoretical aspects but also practical applications of this scientific knowledge. The aim is to provide actionable insights that learners can immediately apply to enhance their lives and pursue a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

In this Positive psychology course, you will learn the following modules:

  • Positive Emotions: The Tiny Engines of Positive Psychology
  • The Mindscapes and Outcomes of Positivity
  • The Delicate Art of Pursuing Happiness
  • Positivity Resonance and Loving-Kindness
  • The Fruits of Positivity Resonance
  • The Ripples of Positivity Resonance

By merging research findings with practical applications, the course ensures a comprehensive understanding of positive psychology and equips participants with tools to incorporate this knowledge into their daily lives for tangible, positive outcomes.

  • Course rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 (5,796 rating total)
  • Duration: 11 Hours
  • Certificate: Certificate of completion
Positive Psychology
Offered by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This course discusses research findings in the field of positive psychology, ... Enroll for free.

5. Positive Psychology: Work-Life-Balance | Live Well-Work Well

This comprehensive course empowers learners to master the science of happiness, fostering fulfillment across various life domains. It guides participants in achieving an optimal work-life balance, enhancing emotional intelligence for improved relationships, and cultivating resilience to thrive amid challenges. By harnessing positive psychology principles, the course supports individuals in boosting productivity, overcoming stress, and creating positive work cultures. It introduces the Revolutionary Authentic Organizational and Employee Happiness Framework (AOEH) as a transformative guide.

In this Positive psychology course, you will learn the following:

  • Achieve Optimal Work-Life Balance: Learn effective strategies to prioritize and manage professional and personal commitments harmoniously.
  • Master the Science of Happiness: Discover evidence-based principles and practices to cultivate lasting happiness and fulfillment.
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence: Develop emotional awareness and adaptability to foster meaningful relationships and overall well-being.
  • Boost Resilience and Mental Strength: Learn to bounce back from challenges and build resilience for a more confident and empowered life.
  • Harness the Power of Positive Habits: Acquire tools and techniques to create positive habits and break free from limiting patterns.
  • Practice Mindfulness for Inner Peace: Embrace mindfulness practices to reduce stress, improve focus, and live in the present moment.
  • Set Goals with Happiness in Mind: Discover goal-setting strategies that align with your well-being and lead to greater life satisfaction.
  • Boost Self-Confidence and Positivity: Develop a positive self-image and self-assurance to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
  • Foster Optimism and Positive Thinking: Cultivate an optimistic mindset to approach challenges with resilience and a can-do attitude.
  • Achieve Success in Multiple Areas: Utilize positive psychology tools to improve physical, financial, career, and personal aspects of life. Enroll now and gain
  • Understand and apply the revolutionary Authentic Organizational and Employee Happiness (AOEH) Framework, empowering you to create a thriving and fulfilling work
  • Learn, understand, and apply the 8 Pillars of Authentic Organizational and Employee Happiness, fostering a positive and productive organizational culture.
  • Provide key characteristics that define an Authentic Happiness Organization, inspiring organizations to embrace genuine happiness as a core value.
  • Apply the Psychology Capital of a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) in any organization, becoming an invaluable asset in enhancing employee well-being.
  • Empower your clients and organizations to become authentically happier, leading to improved productivity and overall success.
  • Align organizational and employee happiness to create a harmonious and thriving work culture.
  • Improve personal and business relationships through the principles of authentic happiness.

Scientifically proven methods form the foundation of this course, offering insights into happiness determinants and strategies for goal setting and leadership. The curriculum unveils the aim and principles of Positive Psychology, encouraging a positive mindset and personal growth. Participants uncover their unique strengths, exploring habits' impact on daily life and adopting the Seven Secrets to Habits and Happiness. Concepts like the Honeymoon effect, Flow, and mindfulness are integrated, providing practical applications for increased engagement and inner peace.

The course explores Kaizen's goals, emphasizing continuous improvement through small, incremental changes. It delves into the dynamics of optimism, pessimism, and realism, highlighting the influence of mindset on resilience and problem-solving. Linking happiness to success, the course encourages adopting a positive outlook for heightened achievement and overall life satisfaction. With a promise of continuous improvement and transformative insights, this course guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and lasting happiness.

  • Course rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 (416 rating total)
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Certificate: Certificate of completion

6. Complete Positive Psychology Course Master Positive Thinking

In the "Positive Psychology Course: Master Positive Thinking," renowned personal development expert TJ Walker introduces a transformative approach to life based on positive psychology principles. Departing from traditional psychology's focus on mental illness, this course centers on building strengths, fostering positive habits, and unlocking one's fullest potential.

In this Positive psychology course, you will learn the following:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Habit Building
  • Positive Thinking
  • Life Skills
  • Resilience
  • How to apply positive psychology to your everyday life.

This method is designed to help individuals seamlessly integrate positive psychology principles into their daily lives, moving beyond theory to actionable steps for a more positive and fulfilling life. If you're ready to break free from routine, overcome intellectualization, and truly embrace positive living, this course is your next step toward a brighter and more optimistic future.

  • Course rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 (308 rating total)
  • Duration: 3.5 Hours
  • Certificate: Certificate of completion

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