11 Best Data Science Bootcamps for Beginners in 2024

11 Best Data Science Bootcamps for Beginners in 2024

What is a Data Science Bootcamp?

A data science bootcamp is a short, intensive program designed to teach individuals the skills they need to become data scientists. Typically, these programs last several months and cover topics such as machine learning, data analysis, and programming. Bootcamps usually include a combination of lectures, hands-on projects, and mentorship from experienced data scientists. Data science bootcamps help participants gain the skills and knowledge required to land their first job.

Are Data Science Bootcamps worth it?

Yes! It has become increasingly worthwhile to invest in data science courses and boot camps. Since many companies now value demonstrated skills and experience over mere credentials, enrollment in data science boot camps, which emphasize hands-on, immersive learning has surged.

Top Data Science Bootcamps List

  1. Lambda School
  2. Flatiron School
  3. Springboard
  4. Metis
  5. Practicum By Yandex
  6. BrainStation
  7. NYC Data Science Academy
  8. Thinkful
  9. Data Science Retreat
  10. General Assembly
  11. OdinSchool

1. Lambda School

This Data Science Bootcamp offers an intensive six-month online data science course to prepare students for a career in applied stats and predictive modeling. The following online data scientist courses will enable you to gain the technical and professional skills hiring managers most value. During live online lectures, you will learn from experienced data scientists who will educate you on industry-current tools and techniques for the data science industry, such as best practices in the Python ecosystem.

Aside from learning how to analyze a variety of types of data, build reproducible data analytics and data-driven systems, you'll also learn how to communicate and leverage your insights. Additionally, you'll gain fundamental computer science skills and have the opportunity to design and build actual products with a team of students that you can showcase in your portfolio.

Admission Requirements

Lambda School's data science boot camp offers a fast-paced, immersive learning experience. The question you must ask yourself is, "Is this the right path for me?" Be sure that all of these statements apply to you before applying to Lambda.

  • I have researched the experience of working as a data scientist.
  • I can attend class from 9 am to 11 am Pacific time, Monday through Friday, for six months.
  • I know that the course is both live and online.
  • I have access to a computer, WiFi, and a quiet workspace.
  • I have researched tuition options and know which is right for me.
  • I have a plan for covering living expenses while attending Lambda School.
  • I recognize the challenges attending Lambda School will present.

Course Schedule

Lambda School offers rigorous Data Science programs. In addition to the mandatory live class, you will spend 5 to 7 hours each day studying and coding. While our flexible schedule is designed to fit into your schedule, you will need to commit to around 40 hours per week, including:

  • eight hours of compulsory live instruction.
  • everyday projects, due at midnight Pacific Standard Time.
  • daily warm-ups, scheduled at 9 am PST.
  • Friday sprint challenges, are due by 5 pm PST.
  • Day-to-day optional support is available.

Tuition Options

Deferred Tuition

In California, tuitions are worth $30k. Therefore, students who choose to pay with a CA RIC must pay the entire $30k in installments of 17% of their monthly income, regardless of how many installments they have to make. Nevertheless, students who are eligible to defer tuition using an Income Share Agreement must only make 24 installments of 17% of their monthly income, and many of our graduates end up paying less than $30k.

Payment Options include:

  • Income Share Agreement
  • California Retail Installment Contract
  • Tuition Installments
  • Upfront Tuition

2. Flatiron School

The Data Science boot camp will equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to qualify for jobs like data scientists, which require knowledge of software engineering, statistical understanding, and the scalability of both skills in new and challenging areas. Students in this data science program will gather data, analyze it using statistical methods, and take action based on their insights and information. Flatiron School ensure students have the aptitude and skills to continue learning and remain relevant by following our pedagogy prepare them for today's market.


If accountability, a strict schedule, and devoted classmates fit your learning style, Flatiron School recommends learning full-time. Nonetheless, if flexibility is the most vital factor to you, we recommend their Flex program.

Your pace is up to you, but this tried-and-true curriculum has helped students land jobs and start promising careers in data science. Among the topics covered are:

  • Phase 1: Data Analysis and Engineering
  • Phase 2: Scientific Computing and Quantitative Methods
  • Phase 3: Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • Phase 4: Advanced Machine Learning
  • Phase 5: Data Science Project

Tuition Plans

You can choose from 3 different payment options at Flatiron School:

Tuition Options Information Price Deposit

Pay upfront

You will need to deposit $500 to reserve your seat, then pay the rest in a lump sum before classes begin.



Pay with a loan

Ascent and Climb, two accelerated learning financing companies, provide competitive financing options for Flatiron's programs. They are only available to those who qualify.

$2,190 /month


Pay in installments

Pay a $500 deposit upfront, and pay the tuition balance in 12 monthly installments with no interest.

$494 /month


3. Springboard

This data science boot camp will offer students one-on-one mentorship from industry experts and career support from student advisors and career coaches. It guarantees a data science job placement. Springboard has partnered with industry insiders, allowing you to learn the skills employers value. Approximately 500 hours of classroom instruction combine videos, articles, hands-on projects, and career-related coursework.

Working on projects is the best way to learn data science. Additionally, you'll complete two capstone projects focused on realistic data science scenarios that you can show prospective employers as part of the Springboard program.


The Python Data Science Stack

  • Data Wrangling
  • The Data Story
  • Statistical Inference
  • Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering for Data Science
  • Data Science at Scale
  • Advanced Machine Learning


  • Programming experience with a general-purpose language (e.g., Python, R, Java, C++) for at least six months
  • Understanding basic probability and descriptive statistics, like mean, median, standard deviation, distributions, and histograms.

Tuition Options

The total tuition price of the program is $13,140. Students who pay upfront will receive a 17% discount. Moreover, you will receive a full refund if you don't get a job within 6 months of completion.

Tuition Options Information Price

Upfront Discount

Pay upfront and save 17% on tuition.


Month to Month

Pay only for the months you need, up to 6 months.

$2,190 /month

Deferred Tuition Plan

Pay monthly only after you start a data science job.

$494 /month

Climb Credit Loan

Finance your education with low monthly payments.

$77 - $155*/month

4. Metis

This Data Science Bootcamp will enable you to learn from data science experts while developing skills, making connections, and building relationships. There are five projects and expert-led classes in the Bootcamp, plus a dedicated Career Week after graduation for students to find their next role in data science.


The curriculum introduces Python, web scraping, and other essential data science skills. The classes are taught by industry-seasoned experts who will demonstrate their instructional proficiency. Moreover, it will provide you with individualized career counseling and connect you with potential hiring partners. Additionally, the data science boot camp will require all students to complete five portfolio-ready projects. The topics include:

  1. MODULE 1 - Exploratory Data Analysis
  2. MODULE 2 - Linear Regression & Web Scraping
  3. MODULE 3 - Business Fundamentals for Data Practitioners
  4. MODULE 4 - Machine Learning Classification
  5. MODULE 5 - NLP & Unsupervised Learning

Course Details

No matter which Data Science Bootcamp format you choose, the project-based, career-driven approach will take you places you never thought you could go.

  1. Live Online Format (Full-Time): Learn data science in a full-time, immersive format and start your career in data science immediately. Participate in live online classes with instructors and classmates.
  2. Online Flex Format (Part-Time): You can take on-demand lectures on your schedule, so studying will not interfere with your daily activities. Additionally, you will receive personalized one-on-one instructor support, an organized study plan, and deadlines to keep you on track.

Tuition Options

The Data Analytics Bootcamp offers a $3,000 scholarship to women, members of underrepresented groups, LGBTQ individuals, and veterans of U.S. military service.



Live Online: $14,500

Online Flex: $11,000

Get zero-interest payment plans by working with our team. You can finance your tuition through our lending partners: Ascent and Climb Credit.


5. Practicum By Yandex

Practicum is a 30-46 week online coding boot camp created by engineers at Yandex that offers tracks in Data Science, Data Analysis, and Web Development to help individuals change careers.

Skills You Will Learn

Data science is an exciting, lucrative, and rapidly growing field. The data scientists analyze huge data sets, uncover patterns, and predict outcomes. Therefore, they are required in nearly every sector: business, finance, science, health, and the public sector.

Even if you don't have previous experience, Practicum will prepare you for entry into data science. These are the skills you will gain from this data science boot camp:

  • Python and essential libraries
  • Statistical hypothesis testing
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing: TF-IDF, BERT
  • Computer vision
  • SQL
  • Soft skills: sharing your work and networking

Price and Payment Options

Throughout this 9-month, 20-hour-per-week program, you will develop a portfolio of 15+ projects and learn how to land a job in the field. You can either pay $4,000 up-front or $500 per month.

6. BrainStation

Unlike other Data Science Bootcamps, BrainStation is an experience that can transform your career. Gain valuable industry experience through hands-on projects where you'll work with industry professionals on real-world problems and collaborate with designers, web developers, and digital marketers to produce a real-world solution. This Data Science Bootcamp has helped thousands of graduates find new careers through BrainStation.


Learn from industry experts in real-time, interactive classes in an engaging classroom environment with BrainStation's online data science courses.

  1. Fundamentals: Data Analysis & Visualization
  2. Analysis for Data Science
  3. Machine Learning Techniques
  4. Big Data Fundamentals with Machine Learning
  5. Professional Development

Tuition Options

You can choose from several monthly payment plans and financing options at BrainStation. Additionally, you will not be required to pay tuition until you've been accepted into the program.

Fees: $15,000

7. NYC Data Science Academy

The New York Data Science Academy provides intensive training to professional data scientists with a master's or doctoral degree. This immersive data science boot camp prepares students for a career in data science by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to use industry tools and apply them in real-world situations.


In this four-week Data Science with Machine Learning Bootcamp, students will take seven modules (excluding prework and project) and learn the main tools and methods for performing data analyses and applying them to various data science projects.

  • Prework
  • DABC502 Data Science Toolkit
  • DABC506 Data Analytics with Python
  • DABC511 Data Analytics with R
  • DABC516 Business Cases in Data Science
  • DSBC521 Machine Learning I
  • DSBC522 Machine Learning II
  • DSBC525 Data Science: Advanced Topics
  • DSBC530 Capstone Project

Students learn to employ R and Python at the foundation level of the program for data analytics projects and to present research results effectively. As part of the advanced course, students study machine learning with Python and conduct research projects involving advanced data science methods and strategies. Additionally, the program covers deep analytics and big data concepts and practices.

Tuition Options

You can choose from 2 different payment options in Flatiron School:

  1. Full Tuition Payment: $17,600 (You can pay by cash, credit card, check, or wire transfer.)
  2. Third-Party Financing Options: Students interested in third-party financing have the option to do so through NYC Academy's partnership with Ascent Fund and Climb Credit.

8. Thinkful

Thinking invests heavily in creating a curriculum that is constantly evolving based on feedback from students and employers. Getting you career-ready is their top priority. However, the most notable aspect of this Data Science Bootcamp is the job guarantee. Thinkful will refund your tuition if they cannot prepare you for a data science position.


Learn the job-ready skills employers seek in this Data Science Bootcamp. The curriculum is comprehensive and targeted.  With a course duration of six months, students will learn self-paced lessons (15-20 hours/week) without any pre-requisites. Additionally, it offers one-on-one mentoring multiple times per week. The list of courses you will learn are:

  • Analytics and Experimentation
  • Machine Learning: Supervised Learning
  • Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning
  • Specializations

Tuition Options

Our plans fit your needs, as Thinkful says. It offers flexible payment options, so whether you need to pay for your studies upfront or after you land a job, Thinkful has you covered. You can choose from three payment methods:

Tuition Options Information Price

Pay upfront

Pay in full before you begin, at the lowest possible rate. There are no additional costs and no fees at the end.

$9,500 (Total Cost)

Month to Month

Pay the same amount in tuition each month.

$2,000 (Monthly)

Deferred Tuition

Make fixed monthly payments until you make at least $40,000 a year. Terms and fees are dependent on the amount requested, credit history, employment history, and personal references. If you're unemployed after six months and qualify for our Tuition Refund Guarantee, we'll forgive the loan.

$0 (While enrolled)

9. Data Science Retreat

An expert in every area of data science is impossible because the subject is so complex. Due to this, Data Science Retreat offers one teacher per subject, allowing each teacher to be an expert in their field. With a track record in Data Science and Machine Learning, DSR offers experts and teachers from companies such as Amazon, Deloitte, FlixBus, HomeToGo, New Yorker, Zalando.


Engineering, analytics, and business are the three pillars of Data Science. In this Data Science Bootcamp, each group of students will learn from a constantly improved state-of-the-art curriculum. Moreover, experts in this field will teach students both theory and application of data science and machine learning.

Engineering Analytics Business 
  • Data science tools – text editors, development environment setup
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Technical communication and presentation skills
  • Programming practices – test-driven development, reproducibility, packaging
  • Foundations of Machine Learning
  • Interview question practice & preparation
  • Python – Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib
  • Practical Machine Learning
  • SQL
  • Working with Small Samples
  • Using a Bash shell
  • Backpropagation & Deep Learning
  • Git & GitHub
  • Computer Vision with PyTorch
  • Data visualization – D3
  • Sequential Models with TensorFlow
  • Deploying models with Flask and Docker
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Distributed machine learning with Spark
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Interpreting Machine Learning models
  • Reinforcement Learning


Students should explore the following knowledge before studying with us:

Python: DSR expects students to have a thorough grasp of the following Python tutorial concepts:

  • Variables, Strings, Floats, Integers (Section 3)
  • Conditionals (Section 4.1 – 4.5)
  • Functions (Section 4.6, 4.7.1, 4.7.2)
  • Lists (Section 3.1.3, 5.1)
  • Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries (Section 5.3 – 5.5)
  • Reading & Writing Files (Section 7.2)

Linear Algebra & Probability: Participants should understand the following concepts for Linear Algebra:

  • the difference between a scalar, matrix & tensor
  • element-wise matrix multiplication & dot products

Participants should be familiar with the following concepts when it comes to probability:

  • independent, marginal and conditional probabilities
  • expectation & variance
  • the Bernoulli & Gaussian distributions

Machine Learning: DSR expects students to have the following skills for machine learning:

  • familiarity with random forests & logistic regression
  • familiarity with bias & variance
  • understand the difference between test & train error
  • implemented a machine learning project from scratch, using pandas, matplotlib & scikit-learn. Start with the Titanic or MNIST datasets.


There are two options for financing in Data Science Retreat:

  1. Pay UpFront: You can pay the entire tuition fee of €12.500 before the retreat begins. Accepted students can also pay €6.250 before the retreat starts and the remaining €6.250 within the first two weeks after the retreat.
  2. BILDUNGSGUTSCHEIN: The Data Science Retreat is actively accepting applications for participants seeking to join the upcoming batch through a Bildungsgutschein issued by the Agentur für Arbeit. By doing so, you can join the program for free.

10. General Assembly

Gain experience in a rapidly expanding field by consulting General Assembly's network of data experts, instructors, hiring partners, and alumni. In this full-time Data Science Bootcamp program, students will receive expert instruction, one-on-one career coaching, and contact information for top employers.


A group of data executives, including those from companies like Bloomberg and Nielsen, oversees the curriculum. Get hands-on experience with complex data and learn how to make the most of it. Explore Python, statistical modeling, and data analysis. Afterward, you can explore machine learning with algorithms of increasing complexity, from decision trees and random forests to natural language processing and neural networks.

Compile a portfolio of compelling stakeholder presentations and data visualizations by tackling five projects. Using machine learning models, you'll solve a real-world data problem for your capstone project.


There are some conditions for this intermediate-level course. Students should arrive at the boot camp with a mathematical foundation and familiarity with Python and programming fundamentals. Students with technical backgrounds, such as a degree in mathematics or computer science, or work experience in research or analysis, may be better suited for the program. Students learn on their own before classes so they can build a solid foundation.

What You Will Learn

  1. Data Science Fundamentals (Pre-Work)
  2. Data Science Fundamentals
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis
  4. Classical Statistical Modeling
  5. Machine Learning Models
  6. Advanced Topics & Trends

Tuition & Financing

Here's the tuition and financing information for General Assembly Data Science Bootcamp.

Registration Fees Tuition Total Cost
$150 SGD $14,500 SGD* $14,650 SGD*

Citizens and permanent residents of Singapore are eligible for a subsidy to take General Assembly's course.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Upon submitting your application, you will be offered a spot in the Immersive course.
  • During the admissions interview, bring a copy of your NRIC or passport as proof of citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Whether you build a tech startup in Singapore or work in your area of expertise, commit to completing the Outcomes program. You must provide proof of your outcomes.

11. OdinSchool

OdinSchool is an online upskilling platform that helps people launch, re-launch, and grow their careers in highly sought-after domains such as Data Science through industry-aligned training and mentorship.

Their dynamic industry-vetted curriculum, portfolio-worthy data science projects, 360° placement assistance, personalized instructor interactions, and professional mentorship enable professionals to stand out in the industry.


The curriculum offers a variety of core modules and electives for you to choose from. The core modules will help build a strong foundation in Data Science, and electives will complement your training by allowing you to explore specific areas of interest in greater depth.

You have the liberty to choose both core modules and electives as per your liking. However, they offer guidance on how to pick your modules based on your strengths and career aspirations. This way, you can be sure that you're getting the most out of your training and setting yourself up for career success!


⦁ Step up to Data Science
⦁ Statistics
⦁ Python
⦁ Power BI


⦁ ML
⦁ Spark
⦁ Airflow
⦁ Kafka
⦁ Kinesis
⦁ Step
⦁ AWS Glue
⦁ Azure Data Factory
⦁ Snowflake
⦁ Tableau
⦁ Alteryx
⦁ Data Storytelling
⦁ PyTorch

Price and Payment Options:

The Bootcamp is a 9-month, 20-hour-per-week program in which you’ll be getting additional three months of placement assistance, starting from the 6th month and going on till the 12th. The course fee is $1430, and you can avail of a scholarship of up to $375 too.


How long are Data Science Bootcamps?

Most require three to six months to complete and cover topics, such as programming, predictive analysis, statistics, data visualization, and general data analysis.

How much does a Data Science Bootcamp cost?

For the price, the tuition for a Data Science Bootcamp can range between $7,000 and $18,000.

Is there a Data Science Bootcamp near me?

Well, if you are a beginner, then certainly yes! While individual online courses can provide a comprehensive understanding of data science, Data Science Bootcamps offer in-depth and intensive training to prepare students for a career in data science and technology. A practical training camp provides and equips the students with career preparation skills and knowledge. Moreover, comprehensive Bootcamp curricula include concepts for beginners and advanced students, specializing in big data technology and deep learning.

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