Boost Your Grades with These 5 Proven Study Techniques for 2024

Boost Your Grades with These 5 Proven Study Techniques for 2024
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Being a student can be tough sometimes! Therefore, it is a must that you find some effective study methods that work for you. After all, you want to feel free while studying.

There is no denying that studying can be fascinating and boring together. The good news is it depends on your study techniques and methods. Often, choosing the wrong technique not only affects your productivity but also impacts your academics.

In need of some ways to study or tips to begin effective studying? We have got you. In this article, we have listed the five productive studying techniques to help you study.

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We have also mentioned the techniques you could dive into and understand them better!

5 Best Study Techniques for Students to Help Them Improve

Study Techniques are a great way to boost your learning, productivity, and focus ability. There are several study techniques to teach you how to study smartly. So, without further ado, let us jump straight into these study techniques or methods.

Reading Comprehension Technique

Generally, this appears to be one of the best studying techniques.

It is effective for students when it comes to reading a new topic or a lesson. Using this technique, students can grab most of the information just by reading.

The SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review) technique is considered the most effective.

Here, instead of just getting started, students are encouraged to focus first on the title of the chapter, its introduction, and the summary section.

And once taken the survey, they circulate questions around the chapter. Students then start reading the chapter section by section with the questions in mind in the second step.

Upon finishing a section of the chapter, they stop and try to recall the answer to the section. If they can't, they return to the section to find the answer again.

Following the same process, they review the chapter to understand it more deeply after finishing it.

You would be able to understand the studying strategies. Instead, we suggest focusing on the techniques mentioned.

Spaced Technique

This technique focuses on the fact that upon learning new information every day, the students can find it challenging to remember what they learned in their previous lessons. So, to keep remembering the information, this technique is helpful.

In this technique, students review and revisit the material in spaced intervals over time. For example: When you attend a lecture, you can retain up to 80% of what's taught, but if you review the materials within 24 hours, you can retain up to 100%.

So, the approach goes like this:

Day1: Learn the material in class

Day 2: Revisit and review the lesson

Day 3: Revisit and review the lesson

After one week: Revisit and review the lesson

After two weeks: Revisit and review

It's a great way to help students remember what they studied.

This could also be an excellent way for students to identify how much knowledge is lost over time.

Spaced techniques work very effectively. Now, instead of cramming before the exams, students could easily use spaced practice that will help them remember the chapters and learn for the long term.

Leitner Technique

The Leitner study technique is a helpful memorization study technique that uses flashcards and spaced repetition techniques.

Flashcards are small cards with two faces; on one front, you note down the questions, and on the other, you write the answer.

In the Leitner technique, you make several boxes and color them or use some mark to differentiate one from the other.

Here, Box 1 could have information for you to review once every day, box 2 to review 2 days, and Box 3 for reviewing over a week.

Now, this technique involves creating a flashcard around the concepts and placing it on your first box. Upon answering the flashcard correctly, move it into box 2. In case you answer it incorrectly, place the card in box 1.

Follow this method for each false card present in box 1.

At the end of the round, you will notice that few flashcards remain in box 1, implying that these concerts are more difficult for you and require frequent studying. There are virtual flashcards and places available on your device to apply this method virtually.

Zeigarnik Technique

Zeigarnik’s technique focuses on allowing students to take frequent breaks while studying. This technique mentions that students who often take breaks during the study session can remember better than those who complete study sessions without a single break.

This is because when you stop studying in the middle, your mind gets stuck to it, and you keep thinking about your studies, even when you're on a break. Therefore, this leads you to find a new way to solve your problems. Taking breaks will always be beneficial for you.

Mind Mapping Technique

Visual learning remains one of the best learning mediums in the present world. Studies and research have shown that visual learning helps students understand easily and help them retain their learning for a longer period.

We think Mind-Mapping is one of the best visual learning techniques. It uses words and images to create a solid connection to help you remember what you're studying.

The technique helps you improve your memory by implying visual cues, words, and images. By doing this, you can differentiate and identify relationships between various chapters. This approach is fun and exciting, keeping you hooked on the subject.

You can easily create a mind map around any subject or topic and use it while studying. The best part of all? Mind Mapping technique can be practiced physically or virtually depending upon learners' comfort.

Wrapping Up

Depending upon your study approach, you should practice training your mind how you prefer. Studying is challenging and might seem more of a burden if not done right. You must follow the right technique and imply them in your study. Here, we mentioned the top 5 strategies proven to help students study effectively. You can imply these methods to improve your skills, increasing your focus on your studies. We suggest adopting a suitable method. These methods will help you study smarter.

I hope you enjoyed this list of best study techniques. Which study techniques are you implying in your study? Have you ever tried any method on the list? Do let us know.