Andy Lio

Python Object Oriented From Scratch

In The Course 'Python Object Oriented Programming From Scratch , I Will Explain Every Thing In Details So That You Can Understand Well Python Object Oriented P...

Java for Mobile Devices - iOS/Android/Win (Phones & Tablets)

Build cross platform native mobile applications using Codename One on: IntelliJ/IDEA, NetBeans or Eclipse - Free Course

ARCore and Sceneform for Android Augmented Reality (Java)

Learn ARCore from beginning to end. Includes theory and apps for Sceneform, Augmented Images, and Cloud Anchors (Soon). - Free Course

XMPP Chat Server set-up with android, iOS, Windows chat apps

What knowledge & tools are required? No prerequisites required. But peoples who are enthusiastic in technology and its applications is preferred. Who shoul...

Build a Virtual Assistant in Python

​In Learn Python: Build a Virtual Assistant In Python, you will go from beginner to intermediate level the fun way; creating a real-world application! In this c...

Learn Python - Free Online Learning Course

Learn python programming and become a complete python professional from scratch. Enroll in our Free python course at Eduonix now

Scratch Game Programming for Young Adults

A fun guide to programming for kids & teens or adults who want to help kids learn to code.