Aman Sinha

Developer at Quikr/CommonFloor

kotlin bootcamp for programmers

Learn the fundamentals of the Kotlin programming language from Kotlin experts at Google.

Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter

Learn from experts at Google how to use Flutter to craft high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android devices in record time.

New in Big Data: Apache HiveMall - Machine Learning with SQL

HiveMall SQL on Spark, MapReduce and Tez. Leverage your knowledge of SQL to enter Machine Learning and Big Data space. - Free Course

SASS from Beginner to Expert

Using SASS you will create CSS 10x times faster. I'll teach you how to maintain a code on a whole new level using SASS

Launch Ethereum tokens & crowdsales without coding

Learn about token contracts and crowdsale contracts by launching your own ICO on Ropsten (testnet)

Python A-Z™ : Become MasterClass For Python Easy Jobs

"Never underestimate the power of Python", The only programming language that you should learn at 2018!!

Code Your Own Cryptocurrency on Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)

Code an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain sell it with a crowd sale (ICO) website - Free Course

Python eCommerce

Launch your business by learning to build your own eCommerce app step-by-step.

Build WordPress Website With The Lowest Cost

Highly detailed website design course with free premium-grade tools and themes. - Free Course

Sıfırdan C++ Eğitimi

Oyun geliştirme ,Sistem Programcılığı için kullanılan C++'ı sıfırdan öğrenin. - Free Course

Optimizing Wordpress for More Speed and Revenue

An crash course showing how to speed up your WordPress page, earn more and spend less - Free Course

The Complete Android Oreo(8.1) , N ,M and Java Development

Learn Android App Development with Android 8 Oreo by building real apps . Migrating existing app to Android Oreo ,Nougat - Free Course