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What is Quick Code

Quick Code is the #1 place to discover free online courses. It searches the best free online courses around the internet. New free courses are introduced on the Quick Code everyday.

The courses are categorized upto 21 different categories including web development, mobile apps development, programming languages, data science, artificial Intelligence, big data, cryptocurrency, blockchain, game development, software engineering, Devops, Databases, security, voice assistant, virtual reality.

On QuickCode, you can find free courses in 60 programming languages, frameworks and subjects including machine learning,Go,React, Angular, Android, Swift, Kotlin, Elixir, Python, Java, Javascript, Git, Express Js, Mongodb, SQL,Bootstrap, Scala, Vue Js, Node Js, Jquery and more.

You can find free courses in 14 different languages. It includes courses taught in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Urdu, Russian, Vietnamese.

All free online courses and tutorials for beginners and advanced learners aggregated from Udemy, Edx, Skillshare, Coursera, Udacity, Treehouse, YouTube and other MOOCs .

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