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iPhone App with ObjC & Firebase

A complete iOS app development using XCode, Firebase and Objective-C - Free Course

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Featured on: Jun 3, 2018

  • iOS interface Design.
  • Firebase Backend.
  • Database Structure local and cloud.
  • In this course I will go through the development of a complete iOS application using XCode, Objective-C and Firebase. In this development we will cover a wide range of topics such as interface design, databases and data structures as well as user authentications and remote server read / write through Firebase MBaaS.While the course caters to a wide range of audience, this course is recommended for anyone with basic understanding of programming and / or iOS and XCode as well as anyone interested in learning about databases and data structures specifically using Google Firebase.By the end of the course you will have a strong understanding of the following:Designing databases and structuring your dataUser sign up, sign in through FirebaseModularizing code into small piecesUse of interface elements for iOS including Table Views, Alert Controllers and Navigation

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