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iOS Sliding Puzzle Game Obj-C

Developing an iOS Slifing Puzzle Game with XCode and Objective-C

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Featured on: Nov 24, 2017

In this series, we will go through designing and programming a sliding puzzle game for iOS with Objective-C. This tutorial assumes that you have some basic understanding of programming in general and perhaps some familiarity with XCode and Objective-C. If you dont know any programming, you might find this tutorial a little difficult to follow. The entire programming should take you no longer than 4 hours and I have included all the assets for you, so you can easily and efficiently follow my steps. The course in general should not take you longer than 4 hours to finish.What I try in each of the videos is to focus on one topic and simplify that as much as possible. So good luck in following these series and if you had any questions, you can always get in touch with me. I usually manage to reply within 12 hours. Happy coding and have fun.Amir J

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