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Vue.js: Build a Full Stack App With Firebase, Vuex & Router

Take your Javascript & Vue skills to the next level by learning state management, routing, authentication and Firebase!

4.600 4.6 (242 ratings)

1,450 enrollments

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Featured on: Feb 26, 2019

During this course, you will build a full stack project to push your skills even further and discover how to integrate state management, front end routing, databases, authentication and code splitting.

We also create a admin section, where authorized users can add or remove menu items and manage any orders placed. these orders are also pushed to Firebase.

All of our pages are managed by the Vue Router and you will learn all about creating routes, navigation methods, nav guards, binding routes and different router modes.

This project also uses Vuex for state management. This will give our app a single store for all of our state, this will be also kept in sync with Firebase so we always have easy, local access to all of our data.

4.600 4.6

(242 ratings)

1,450 enrollments

Discount Offer