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Try Angular v4 | An Incredible Front End Framework by Google

From Web Apps to Mobile Apps, Angular is a juggernaut as a client-side framework... learn the basics in this course.


Featured on: Nov 24, 2017

Angular is a front-end, client-side, framework that is absolutely a beast. Developed for years under Googles leadership, this open-source technology will likely shape how you build apps for years to come.Angular, formally AngularJS, has evolved from its early days to be now working with TypeScript. If you havent used typescript before, you should check out my course Getting Started With TypeScript to get a stronger understanding of the language prior to jumping in here.  Angular is fast, effecient, and a joy to build with. They call it "One framework. Mobile & desktop." for good reason: its made to be used everywhere. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Angular so you can get started right away. Well even show you how to build a live website using Heroku.Are you ready to begin?Lets do this :)Cheers,Justin