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The complete beginner JavaScript ES5, ES6 and JQuery Course

Learn javascript from the scratch, and build your own applications using Jquery, JSON, Ajax, ES6.

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Featured on: Mar 15, 2019

To sum everything you will learn in this course, we will learn:

  • .The very basics of javascript. Variables, Operators, Array, Objects, Functions, Loops, Control structures.
  • We will learn how to manipulate the screen with the DOM, Events, Listeners, creating elements, Inserting elements and more.
  • When we hit the advanced sections, we are gonna go deep intro Array, Objects, Prototypes, Functions so you can code like the professional do.
  • We will do exercises and at the end we will put everything in practice to build three real life applications.
  • And of course we will cover bonus features like Requests, other frameworks like Jquery, we will talk about some third party libraries we can use to make our code better.
  • ES6, we will talk about most of the tools and updated ES6 provides.

4.200 4.2

(328 ratings)

11,207 enrollments

Discount Offer