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The Complete Course: 2019 JavaScript Essentials From Scratch

Novice to Ninja: Learn to Master JavaScript in this full course. Includes JavaScript projects, live code, an exam & ES6

4.700 4.7 (183 ratings)

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Featured on: Mar 15, 2019

It will take you from JavaScript novice to JavaScript ninja. You will learn how to write JavaScript, and you’ll gain transferable skills that you can take to PHP, Node.js, Python and many more programming languages… all of this with one purpose: to give you real-world useful programming skills to help you get a job as a developer.

Here you will learn more than “how” JavaScript works, but you’ll also learn the “why” it works. Additionally, you’ll learn about the softer side of being a developer, such as dealing with imposter syndrome.

By the end of this course, you’ll be a a confident JavaScript developer because you’ll be able to write, read, debug and fully understand JavaScript: the most common and popular programming language in the world.

4.700 4.7

(183 ratings)

1,226 enrollments

Discount Offer

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