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Testing Angular Apps - The Complete Guide

Learn to professionally test Angular apps


Featured on: Jun 9, 2018

  • Learn Test Driven Development in Angular.
  • Learn core concepts of TDD.
  • Learn to test components and models.
  • Learn to test forms and services.
  • Learn professional development in Angular.
  • The course balances theory and practical to ensure that each example comes with the theory behind it and vice versa. At the end of this course, you will have not only mastered Angular TDD, but you’ll also be confident enough to actually start using this amazing environment for your own Angular projects. The course will start with a basic but detailed introduction into Angular Test-Driven Development, from where it will delve deeper into topics such as different testing components, forms, tests, third-party testing services, useful Angular libraries (Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, Faker, etc.), specifics of testing Angular applications and even how to conduct end-to-end testing.


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