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TestNG Complete Bootcamp - Novice To Ninja

TestNG is one of the best testing frameworks available today. It helps the automation tester to focus on writing and implementing test cases, so that they can c...

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Featured on: Jul 24, 2018

This course includes a wide range of topics from TestNG Annotations, different kind of Assertions, running a Test Suite, running tests in a desired sequence, Grouping related tests, understanding Dependent Tests, Preserver order of execution, reading Parameters from xml file, DataProviders (run test methods for multiple data sets), TestNG Listeners, TestNG Reporters (Logging), TestNG HTML Reports. All materials including code files. ***** One stop place to become an Expert in Automation Framework Implementation from scratch ***** This course is very well structured: Each lecture consist of a video screencast and code files High focus on practice and asking questions You will also learn best practices

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