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Sub Domains Authentication with Asp.Net Web API

Build a cookie based cross sub domain authentication website with Asp.Net web API from scratch - Free Course


Featured on: May 5, 2018

  • How to create a Web API in asp Net..
  • How to authenticate your website using the API..
  • How to use cookies to authenticate..
  • How to implement multiple websites with different sub domains and use the same authentication..
  • How to work with Jquery ajax calls and the API.
  • How to host your websites on IIS.
  • in this course: Build the authentication Web API (used to authenticate all other websites using token authentication) Adding custom methods to the API and testing using Postman. Building 3 websites ( www,hasan,com , tools,hasan,com , gallery,hasan,com). Hosting our websites and the API locally on our IIS feature in Windows 10 to access the sites with their domain names. Implementing central login and registration forms. Working with cookies to save the authentication information. Implementing the cross-site authentication from all sites. Implement remember me using cookies.


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