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PhoneGap Build For Beginners

Learn how to use PhoneGap build service to build Hybrid Mobile Apps. - Free Course


Featured on: Jun 13, 2018

  • What is Phonegap.
  • Pros and cons of Phonegap.
  • Phonegap vs. Cordova.
  • Phonegap Build vs Phonegap Cli.
  • A look at our sample app.
  • Signing up for PhoneGap Build.
  • Tour of the Phonegap build Interface.
  • Preparing for debugging.
  • Creating a config file form scratch.
  • Adding a plugin to Phonegap app.
  • Adding Icons to Phonegap app.
  • Adding Icons to Phonegap app.
  • Build our app.
  • Building for Different Versions Android.
  • About Signing key.
  • Create a signing key.
  • Signing our Phonegap app And prepping for Upload to the PlayStore.
  • Free

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