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Node.js, Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment

Learn by example building & deploying real-world Node.js applications from absolute scratch

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Featured on: Mar 8, 2019

In this 8.5 hour course you will learn by example building 2 real world server-side applications from scratch all the way up to deployment with a real domain. No more confusion about how to build a Node app for production and not just on your localhost.

You will learn how to structure your Node/Express applications, create data models, relate data, display views, authenticate users, create helpers and much moreā€¦

This app uses a Google OAuth 2.0 strategy for authentication. Users can login and create stories which can be set to public or private. They can also choose if comments are allowed to be posted. You will create a dashboard for users to manage their stories. We will create helpers for authentication and access control as well as handlebars template helpers. You will prepare and deploy this app to Heroku and add a domain name.

4.600 4.6

(2,267 ratings)

11,947 enrollments

Discount Offer