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Mastering AWS: Featuring IAM

Mastert AWS Users, Roles, Groups, and Policies in this course! - Free Course


Featured on: Jul 17, 2018

  • Learn how to create an AWS account.
  • Create a new AWS User.
  • Create a new AWS Group.
  • Assign AWS Users to AWS Groups.
  • Create AWS Roles.
  • Understand AWS terms: Root User, Users, Groups, Roles, and Polices.
  • Understand how these terms apply to AWS services.
  • This course is designed for both beginners to AWS and experienced developers. First, after a brief course introduction, we will dive into what AWS provides to its customers. Next, we will take a detailed look at the four major components of IAM: Users, Groups, Roles, and Policies. Each component will feature a definition, a short description, use cases, and a hands-on tutorial. By the end of this course you’ll be able to identify the right component based on needs, define and discuss: Users, Roles, Groups, and Policies. And Create each of the four components in the AWS management console.