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Master Deep Learning with TensorFlow in Python

Build Deep Learning Algorithms with TensorFlow, Dive into Neural Networks and Master the #1 Skill of the Data Scientist

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Featured on: Mar 3, 2019

It starts with the very basics and covers everything you need to know. One hour into the course, you will have created your first machine learning algorithm! Isn’t that exciting! And it only gets better from there. We are not simply scratching the surface. The course digs deep into machine learning theory and practice, focusing on deep neural networks and Google’s state-of-the-art TensorFlow framework.

All sophisticated concepts are explained intuitively, with beautifully animated videos and our step-by-step approach, which makes this course an engaging and fun experience.

Here are some steps of this journey:

  • Cover the minimum to create your first algorithm
  • Get acquainted with Google’s TensorFlow with Python
  • Apply all you see with the appropriate TensorFlow structure
  • Explore layers, their building blocks, their activations (sigmoid, tanh, ReLu, softmax, …)
  • Understand the backpropagation process, intuitively and mathematically
  • Spot and prevent overfitting
  • Get to know the state-of-the-art initialization methods
  • Implement cutting-edge optimizations, such as SGD, batching, learning rate schedules
  • Tackle the ‘Hello, world’ of machine learning

All these steps will lead us to the practical example, which will require you to build your first machine learning algorithm based on a real-life business problem. You will tackle it on your own, completely from scratch.

4.500 4.5

(883 ratings)

6,806 enrollments

Discount Offer