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Learn to build a responsive landing page with Bootstrap 4

A practical guide for beginners to build a modern one-product landing page with Bootstrap 4 basics - Free Course


Featured on: May 25, 2018

  • Build a responsive sales page with Bootstrap 4.
  • Learn how to adjust the website content for every screen size.
  • Learn basics of converting traditional HTML and CSS into Bootstrap.
  • Understand the best practices about the Bootstrap grids and columns.
  • Basic layout techniques of Bootstrap.
  • This course will teach you how to use Bootstrap 4 to design a responsive landing page. So if you have a working knowledge about HTML and CSS, then you will learn how to create a responsive landing page in 2 hours. This course doesn't cover everything in Bootstrap 4. But if you need to learn how to build a landing page with Bootstrap 4, then this is the course for you. No prior knowledge of Bootstrap 3 or any Bootstrap version is required. This course is primarily focused on building a Bootstrap based responsive landing page to sell a product. This landing page includes the following parts A basic header A "buy now" section with a call to action Author description section Product descriptions section Testimonials section Bonus products section A call to action section with discounted pricing