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Learn TypeScript Course From Scratch

Learn TypeScript course which allows developers to code with ease & it is a superset of JavaScript. Hence TypeScript is an independent language in industry.


Featured on: Jun 22, 2018

You will learn how to use the power of object-oriented programming to make classes for defining objects, rather than ES5 prototype based object interfaces. The course will also include integrating ES2015 including arrow functions, block level scoping (using let and const instead of var), destructing arrays and objects. That’s not all, in addition to learning the theory behind TypeScript, you will learn how to create a complete project from the ground up. You will design a ToDos App using TypeScript and Webpack. Typescript is slowly becoming an amazing addition to JavaScript, allowing developers to advance their skills and expand their tool set. This course has all the essentials that you need to get started learning TypeScript. Here’s a summary of everything you will learn in this course: A detailed introduction to TypeScript, including what it is, its features and how to set up the environment Different types that can be used - strings, booleans, arrays, tuples, and enoms Advanced features of TypeScript, including interface and generics How to integrate ES2015 and make use of its features such as arrow functions and template literals Using Classes and Objects within TypeScript – inheritance, modifiers, adding interfaces to classes, etc. Creating a hands-on project using TypeScript and Webpack, where you will learn how to set up the environment, automate typescript compiling, adding todo classes with interface, static typing, block scoping with let and const, and even local storage implementation for persisting data