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Learn Python 3.6 for Total Beginners

From newbie to pro in a day with 7 brain teasing exercises and full solutions provided. - Free Course


Featured on: Apr 5, 2018

What lists, tuples and dictionaries are, and how to use them. How to apply control flow (logic) to code. Handle errors. Create and implement functions. How to convert functions into lambdas. How to convert for loops into list comprehension. How to use for loops and while loops. How to format strings. Work with txt files. This course teaches you the fundamentals of any programming language, with Python 3.6 and Anaconda 5.0.0 with Jupyter Notebook! The course is suitable for those are either completely new to programming, or are coming from another programming language (R, JavaScript, etc) and are keen to get a solid grasp of using Python. You'll be learning: Installing Jupyter Notebook IDE Using all the vital features of Jupyter Notebook Variables and comparison operators Strings, slicing and formatting Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples Control flow (if, elif, else) Advanced for loops and while loops List comprehension Functions and built-in functions Random module Lambda expressions Handling errors Working with text files There are a total of 7 exercises between sections 3 to 8 with brain teasing tasks, along with full solutions provided in both lectures and in pdf format.


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