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Learn DevOps with Jenkins All in One Guide

Be a DevOps Guru and master CI and CD with Jenkins


Featured on: Jun 12, 2018

  • Integrate CI and CD in your development process.
  • Learn to use Jenkins for process automation.
  • Work on a real world project and implement the concepts.
  • Learn professional tips and tricks for better Jenkins management.
  • This course has been designed and built by experts who will help break down Continuous Integration into small and easy to understand segments. We have created this tutorial as a guide to help newbies not only learn what is CI, but also actually understand how to integrate CI in their codes. We assume that you have no prior knowledge of Jenkins and Continuous Integration, but we do assume that you have an idea of how Ubuntu works, as well as basic virtualization concepts. This course uses a hands-on approach and is loaded with examples at every stage to help students actually understand and learn what is going on, rather than simply follow through with the videos and end up lost and confused later on. We also use an example project that the student will build along with the instructor. The course will cover important topics regarding CI and Jenkins such as what is Jenkins and continuous integration, a brief introduction to the Jenkins system, how to install Jenkins and integrate the CI, basic configuration of your Jenkins, and will also build a real-world example by creating and testing a Java application using Maven through Jenkins. At the end of this course, you will have learned exactly what is CI, how it can help you and also how you can save yourself from hours of miserable code checking and debugging.


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