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JavaScript - Beginner's Step By Step Guide

Learn JavaScript from scratch, build a solid foundation with quizzes and coding exercises - Free Course


Featured on: Jul 30, 2018

  • Start with the very basics of JavaScript.
  • Gain deep understanding of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Variables and Data types.
  • JavaScript Statements if-else, for-while loop, switch-case.
  • JavaScript Functions, Objects, Arrays.
  • Document Object Model.
  • Learn how to debug JavaScript code.
  • Visual Studio Code 2017.
  • Full access to high quality video lessons for life.
  • Build confidence with quizzes and coding challenges.
  • You will get Certificate of Completion.
  • The summary of this course is: JavaScript Variables and Data types JavaScript Statements like if-else, for-while loop, switch-case etc. JavaScript Functions JavaScript Objects and Arrays Document Object Model Browser Object Model Coding exercises and Quizzes


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