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How to Create a WordPress Website with Divi 3.0

Learn how to build beautiful websites!

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Featured on: Apr 5, 2019

In this course I go step by step through creating a wordpress website with the divi theme. The divi theme is probably the most popular theme on the market today, and much if this is because of their amazing builder. The divi theme has both a front end visual builder and a back end drag and drop builder which is perfect for new users that want to quickly make a professional looking website.

Creating a website is much easier than it was in the past thanks to wordpress and themes like the divi theme. In this video I'll be using the 3.0 theme, and go through hosting signup, elegant themes signup, setting up the website, creating pages, creating various section modules as so much more! If you're ready to take a dive into the world of wordpress sign up for this course now!

4.400 4.4

(168 ratings)

6,196 enrollments