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Free WordPress For Beginners - Set Up Your Website In 50 Minutes

WordPress For Beginners - Set Up Your Website In 50 Minutes


Featured on: Aug 28, 2018

Build your first site in 5 minutes, customize in 50. This course holds your hand while you create a stunning site. Learn how to quickly and easily make a beautiful website using WordPress - all in under 50 minutes and without writing a line of code. What if you could have your own website set up in less than 5 minutes? Finish it completely in 30 minutes? Without ever having set up a site before, and without writing any code? Good news, you can! Who is this course right for? If you’re thinking, “I want a website. I want it now. I don’t know how to code” then this course is a perfect match for you. 100% newbies, those who don’t know how to code, those who have never set up a site before, those who want a “create a website for dummies” course, and those who want to build a beautiful, professional website in under 50 minutes. Do you want to set up a website but feel overwhelmed and want a simple, quick, step-by-step guide that holds your hand all the way through? Do you want to set up a beautiful, customizable site, but don’t necessarily know how to code? Have you never set up a site before? If there was a course called “set up a website for dummies” or “set up a website for a complete newbie” you’d jump at the chance to take it? If yes to any of the above, you are in the exact right place!