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Data Structures and Algorithms Tutorial for beginners

Master programming language and technology with our Data Structures and Algorithms tutorial which is the integral part of software engineering.


Featured on: Jun 21, 2018

This course has been broken down into nine sections that cover five major categories of algorithms as well as its underlying concepts: Cryptography, Compiler Theory, Signal Processing, Data Analysis, and Graph Databases. In addition to theory, the course also includes numerous practical examples and applications of data structures and algorithms. Practical application is definitely important, especially when it comes to algorithms because in tech interviews and tests, questions are usually asked on the applicant’s ability to solve problems by creating algorithms that are based on the theory. So, this course will make a great refresher if you are trying to study for a test or apply for a job in the tech field! At the end of this course, you will: Have a deeper understanding of algorithms and its basic concepts Understand acronyms such as ADT, AST, BFS and DFS Have learned recursion and its relationship to concurrency (multi branch, memoization) and ADT’s like Trees and Graphs Understand trees and the rotation operations used in balancing. Know in detail about parsing grammars with Stacks and Queues and related tools like AST based parsers the beginning step on the road to Compiler theory Understand operations with Primes and engaged some of the interesting and accessible underlying mathematics like Fermat's theorem