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Creating End to End Tests With Cucumber & Selenium WebDriver

Learn how to write automated end to end tests using Selenium WebDriver and Cucumbe in under an hour

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Featured on: Nov 24, 2017

Testing is a critical to creating and maintaining quality software products. End to end testing gives you a high degree of confidence users of your web application will have the experience that you designed, but how do you actually write end to end tests? By completing this course you will learn the steps required to write end to end tests with Cucumber and Selenium WebDriver, with no coding required. Using free and open source technologies, anyone can start writing end to end tests in under an hour!In this course you will learn how to replicate a users journey through your web application using "Given, When, Then" statements, how to inspect a web application to identify the elements that you need to reference in a test, how to use specialized editors to reduce the time it takes to write tests, and get tips on best practices.

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