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Build your own Load Balancer on AWS

Create and test your own cloud load balancer


Featured on: Nov 24, 2017

Hey, welcome to Build your own load balancer on AWS Course!If youre checking this course, I can assume youre interested in learning about the cloud or AWS! Well, this course will just help you do that!
This short and simple course will teach you:

  • How to create your own Virtual Machine (VM) on Amazon AWS EC2
  • Install and configure your VM
  • How to install packages on your VM
  • Converting your VM to a webserver
  • Deploying a simple website on your instances
  • Creating and configuring a load balancer to intense distribute traffic to your other web servers
All of this within 2 hours of your time!!!!This is not a watch and learn course. You will be doing everything by yourself so youre actually building something and at the same time learning about it. I believe in do and learn instead of watch and learn.By the end of this course, you will have created 4 webservers with a website on it and a load balancer that will evenly distribute the high amount of traffic among all your web servers.All the knowledge I have on AWS is because of trying and doing projects and I think thats the best way to learn anything. To build something, doing it by yourself and that is my goal. To share my knowledge with you guys!If you run into problems, have questions/suggestions please feel free to contact me. All my links are on my profile.I hope you have a great time with this course and learn something new. I have tried my best to break everything down for everyone assuming youre totally new to the cloud! Cheers!- Vishu