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Bootstrap 4 Essentials with Sass, Gulp, Yarn, Animate.css and AOS.js

Bootstrap 4 Essentails.

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Featured on: Jul 29, 2018

In This course You will knew well what is BOOTSTRAP V4 Grid-system. How to use it in your projects. Making sure you will recognize all Grid-system Options at the end of this course curriculum. and also we will build AMAZING 2 Projects using the best front-end framework Bootstrap 4 Do You want to learn the most important components or JavaScript of Bootstrap 4? .... in this template you will. We will also work with HTML5, SASS, JQuery, Gulp, NPM, Yarn, Animate.css, AOS.JS, ... So don't care about your skills of each one You will do it well ! Just Know how to make your template real Fully responsive , You will learn this by example and step by step.

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