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Angular Fast Crash Course

Learn to use Angular 2, 4, 5 and beyond! - Free Course


Featured on: Mar 30, 2018

You will learn the mayor fundamentals of Angular. You will learn how to get up and running with Angular. You will learn to create Applications using Angular 5 and beyond. There are two main Angular versions 1 or AngularJs and 2. This course is focused on versions after 2! This course is for beginners who are curious on how to get started with Angular. In this course you will learn how to download, install and play around with Angular. We teach you the main components of Angular, so that you can get up and running with it asap. You will learn now to start building applications with Angular. Learning Angular can be a daunting experience that's why this course was created; to give you an easier learning experience with it. Come join me in this Angular 5 and beyond Crash Course.


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