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Android Material Design Slidenerd Style

Learn to build material design apps from null to stackoverflow - Free Course


Featured on: May 3, 2018

  • Create any app in Android that uses material design.
  • Understand the visual and functional APIs involved in material design.
  • Learn which colors to use, how to use colors, styles for material design.
  • Work with navigation drawers, customize them as per other standard apps.
  • Create Floating Action Buttons with menus and use 3rd party libraries for doing the same.
  • Work with RecyclerViews as an alternative to ListViews, customize them, load dynamic data inside them, section them, animate their modifications, animate their visual perception when the user loads them.
  • Download and parse JSON.
  • Understand how to use Volley library for loading images and data inside your Lists.
  • Validate material design specifications suggested by your designer vs. what you actually build.
  • Understand and experiment with the Touch Event Framework in Android.
  • Build Ripple effects for lists and normal items on both Android Lollipop and pre-lollipop devices.
  • Build custom material tabs.
  • Using RottenTomatoes API effectively.
  • Making VectorDrawables and AnimatedVectorDrawables on both Android Lollipop and prelollipop devices.
  • Understanding how to use JobScheduler API as an alternative to IntentService + AlarmManager.
  • Use Swipe To Refresh pattern from Material Design.
  • Perform Activity Transitions, Content Transitions and Shared Element Transitions between your activities.
  • Perform several different types of animations with your views.
  • Initialize, Customize and Use the Toolbar as a replacement for the ActionBar.
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